Is Tap Water Destroying Your Skin?


The big question today is whether or not tap water can cause your skin to breakout? Some people believe so and I’m here to share the truth on the topic today. Think of how much tap water actually touches your skin and face daily? I mean, it’s quite common for people to wash their face with tap water. Most people simply don’t have the money to use a bottle of Fiji or Evian water.

Before you go freaking out like crazy, I want you to take a deep breath and relax for a second. We took the time to gather all the information you need on this topic, so just sit back and pay close attention.

Tap Water Destroying Your Skin

Is Tap Water Destroying Your Skin?

In order to accomplish this thorough investigation, we had to gather some cold hard facts from a professional dermatologist. That said, Dr. Julia Tzu of Wall Street Dermatology answered a few questions on the topic.

I’m going to cut to the chase here and give you an idea as to whether or not tap water is causing you to break out. Is the skin on your face sensitive? If so, then that might be part of the problem. Sensitive skin injunction with harsh cleansers and hard water can lead to skin irritation and acne breakouts.

For those unfamiliar with what “hard water” is, it’s water that has not been treated which still contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals. On the other hand, soft water has been treated.

Dr.Tzu confirmed that there is not any conclusive data proving that tap water cause people to break out. However, this is actually something that you can test on your own. If you travel frequently, then you’ll notice how different the water is in certain locations of the world. Some locations just cause people to break out more so than others.

Here’s What You Should Do…

What’s most important here is being able to determine whether or not your tap water is causing the acne breakouts. The best way to do this is to keep a very strict regimen. I’m talking about documenting your exact skin care routine and diet. Do yourself a favor and don’t change a single thing other than rinsing your face with filtered water. If you notice your skin begins to clear up, then that was ultimately the problem!

Some people might be more susceptible to developing skin issues from tap water than others. If you’ve got eczema, then there’s a good chance that tap water may be irritating your skin. I’ve personally had friends do this “tap water test” for a short period of time and those with sensitive skin have definitely noticed quite a difference when switching to filtered water.

One Final Thing To Try

Another thing you can attempt to do is switch your cleanser up and use one that’s extremely gentle on your skin. In the event that your skin begins to clear up, then you might want to think about permanently┬áchanging up the cleanser that you’re using daily and rinsing your face with bottled water.

All it takes is a little action on your part and you’ll be able to easily determine whether or not tap water is destroying your skin. After all, the only skin you really need to worry about is your own!

Is Tap Water Destroying Your Skin?
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