Is Stress Face The Reason You’re Looking Older?


We leave memos on our computers and desks as daily reminders to sit up straight, stop squinting and discontinue doing all those things that are slowly destroying our bodies on a day to day at work. However, we must not forget about getting stress face either. If you don’t know what stress face is then that’s your first problem!

stress face

Stress Face and Why It’s Aging You

Let me first start out by explaining what stress face is exactly. Stress face is the look that you get when you’ve put your body through too much stress. Simple as that really. According to the founder of FaceGym, Inge Theron says that it’s easy to tell when someone has stress face and ” you can tell they have stress face from the tension in their jaw and their permanent frown.” This is definitely not the quality characteristic that you want to be recognized or known for either.

Avoiding stress extremely important and if you want to put forth best efforts to avoid getting stress face then you must know how it ends up on your face to begin with. According to an acupuncturist and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, John Tsagaris, “Stress manifests itself on your face in a number of ways, starting from an accumulative muscular tension – the face looks rigid and the jaw tenses up.” That’s just the beginning, it can lead to more skin issues such as an increase in redness, breakouts and more. You may even acquire a stress rash on your face if you’re stressed out enough.

There are a few activities that can attribute to stress face such as putting your dirty phone to your face, squinting too much reading your phone or your computer and more. It’s a catch 22 in most cases, where you have a desire to succeed and remain connected socially yet you don’t want to overwork yourself.

Since stress can mostly likely affect everyone differently you may not have the same symptoms as another. The production of wrinkles, tired looking eyes and even spots can be so common that they are often overlooked.

If you want to avoid looking aged and weathered, the best thing you can do is reduce your stress levels through some good old fashioned relaxation. Consider removing yourself from stressful situations and scenarios as often as possible. Shut your phone off, meditate, kick back and relax. If you’re into massages, I’d recommend that you begin working in some time to lightly massage your face. Just be sure to do so with clean hands!

Lastly, you must put forth some effort and try to get a good nights sleep. You should also try to detox your body from time to time. I tend to do this about once a month. That means eating healthy, exercising and avoiding all types of toxins for a few days. I typically achieve this by doing a juice detox. In the event that you can’t work in as much de-stressing activity as you’d like then I would suggest you make sure you incorporate the right skin care products to help keep you looking stress-free in the interim.

Is Stress Face The Reason You’re Looking Older?
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