Is Drinking Kombucha Good For Your Skin?


I’m a Whole Foods, Milam’s, and Fresh Market shopper. On one of my recent visits, I noticed that kombucha was prominently placed on many of the shelves. You know, the shelves that you absolutely can’t miss. I had no idea what this drink even was. My typical move is to shun anything I think is even remotely suspect. However, I’m open-minded enough to take an educated approach to anything new that exists. That said, I couldn’t ignorantly judge this organic liquid treat and completely pass on it without doing my own investigating. It turns out that drinking this is actually good for your skin.

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The CEO, Matt Thomas, who founded the brand Brew Dr. Kombucha claims that drinking this can help make your skin look healthy, young and fresh. Mr. Thomas admits that he drinks lots of kombucha. To be exact, he may consume on average about three Brew Dr. Kombucha drinks on a daily basis. In an interview with Bustle, he stated, “I drink a lot of kombucha,” and that’s probably why he looks like he’s in his 20s versus his actual age of 38.

Of course, any CEO is going to speak volumes about their own product. Any other approach would be a death sentence. However, I learned that his opinion on drinking this was similar to others and studies have proven the effects this drink can have on your skin. For example, a study was conducted at the NYU Langone Medical Center. The study revealed that those who consistently consumed kombucha believe in its ability to enhance one’s beauty.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the potential benefits of drinking kombucha. Some say that this helps you detox your body. It’s also known to help you keep a healthier skin tone. If you’re struggling in the hydration department, this might help. Some even claim that it’s effective against any wrinkles you might have on your skin.

I guess you’re probably still wondering what exactly kombucha is and what the ingredients are. Each of the different flavors has very different ingredients in them. However, all of them have a few ingredients that you can find in each type of brew. Those ingredients are filtered water, organic tea, organic sugar cane, and live probiotic culture. The rest of the ingredients vary depending on the brew that you decide to drink. For example, the Just Ginger contains all of the ingredients previously mentioned as well as organic Black Tea, organic ginger, and organic yerba m├íte. This is right up my alley given that I like to keep my immune system strong and my metabolism kicking. It’s just one of the nine flavors that they offer.

If you’re in desperate need of some gut protection and you want to up your skin game, I suggest putting down that Miller Lite can and picking up a Brew Dr. Kombucha instead. It’s organic, fresh and a whole lot healthier for your body. Pick up a six pack for Labor Day weekend and your body will appreciate you more for doing so. I plan on doing exactly the same thing. Life is short enough, do what you can to look better while you’re here.

Is Drinking Kombucha Good For Your Skin?
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