Is Dermaplaning At Home The Newest Thing?


There is a new trend in skin care treatment that seems to be attracting millions of social media views these days. Spa owners, dermatologists, beauty bloggers and more are weighing in on the dermaplaning trend that’s hotter than ever before today.

Some people think it’s a genius idea, while others are literally scared to death of it. It might be the weirdest skin care treatment¬†available and guess what, it’s nothing more than what many would consider shaving. Let’s dive into this a bit more to learn what it is exactly and why it’s so trendy.dermaplaning

What Is Dermaplaning And Does It Work?

This procedure is quite simple, yet rather dangerous. It’s the process of shaving your face in an attempt to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin on the surface. Why would someone want to do this? Well, it supposedly helps improve the effectiveness of various skin care products.

Before you go grabbing your dirty razor from the bathroom counter or shower, stop right there. You need a special razor to perform this procedure. Dermaplaning requires an extremely sharp and sterile single blade. The blade is typically held at a 45-degree angle and it often involves applying an oil following the shave.

Some people that are all for it claim that dermaplaning causes less irritation than microneedling. Oftentimes, people get inflammation from microneedling and they don’t get any side effects when doing dermaplaning.

The treatment can get a little scary given that the smallest change in hand movement can lead to bleeding and scars. Some people have put aside all those negative side effects and just go for it. Others are still not convinced that shaving their face with a single blade is the answer.

Before you make a decision, I suggest you speak with a dermatologist that’s familiar with the procedure. You’ll learn a lot about both your skin and the treatment in general if you get some advice from them first. Whatever you do, don’t try and do this at home alone! After all, if you cut yourself bad, then you might need some help to stop the bleeding.

If you decided to go forward with the procedure, you need to make sure you have oil or a serum readily available to apply immediately following the process.

Susan and Sharzad from Mixed Makeup created a video that explains the entire procedure from beginning to end. They explain how long the procedure lasts, what it entails, and why you should have the procedure done.

Is Dermaplaning At Home The Newest Thing?
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