Is DearBrightly Putting An End To Dermatologist Appointments?


There are lots of other things we’d all rather be doing aside from heading to the dermatologist office. Sure, we all want to achieve the best-looking skin possible but some of us just don’t have the time to deal with it.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to it. Not everyone is up for the challenge too.

But there might be some good news for those out there continuously complaining about painful dermatologist visits. Allow me to introduce a new brand to you: DearBrightly.

dearbrightly rx treatment

Retinoid Rx By DearBrightly – No Dermatologist Visits

The DearBrightly brand is owned by a company that according to Tech Crunch is currently backed by Y Combinator. This company has one goal in mind…

Make the process of obtaining prescription-based retinoids simpler.

Oh, and they want to make them accessible to just about everyone out there.

Not familiar with what retinoids are? Well, it’s basically a general term that encompasses retinoids as well as Rx retinoids. They each are derived from the infamous vitamin A, which works to help improve faster cell turnover. The increased skin cell turnover assistance can help with improving your skin condition, whether you’re suffering from common aging issues or various types of acne.

Retinoids are over available in over-the-counter products but they just aren’t as strong as those found in prescriptions. Given that they are weaker, they are often less effective.

The problem is that most people have zero time for a dermatologist visit. It’s a cosmetic issue and not something that’s going to kill them, so they put it off and they put it off some more. Next thing you know, no action and bad skin still remains.

Well, DearBrightly is trying to change things so it seems. Here’s how the company works and what they do. Say you’ve got acne and no time for the dermatologist. Head on over to DearBrightly, log into the site and you’ll be asked to answer a few questions. You’ll need to send in some photos to a dermatologist, giving them ample time to evaluate your skin condition. Then DearBrightly and that dermatologist get together (in a sense) and they determine what prescription and regimen you need.

Consumers are then sent the DearBrightly product at the prescription level they need which has been selected. They’ve got a long way to go if they want to expand as it’s only available in California right now. However, don’t be surprised if this makes its way to your state. The company is run by co-founder Amy Chiu who believes in the product and the process. Feel free to check out the company for more information.

Have a new product or skin company that you’ve recently discovered? If so, then we want to hear from you! The folks at¬† are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest companies trying to disrupt the industry. It’s no doubt that DearBrightly is doing its job and we hope to see even more companies changing the industry.

As for purchasing the DearBrightly¬†products, you’re going to be looking at a rough cost of $59 – $139 depending on the product which you’re prescribed. However, that’s still relatively economical given the cost to visit the dermatologist and the average product cost today. Check out the company – click here.

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Is DearBrightly Putting An End To Dermatologist Appointments?
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