InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum 20% Review

I’ve been reading a lot of positive things about the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum. There are plenty of reviews on the Internet that you can dive right into in order to learn everything you need to know about the product. It’s literally what many would consider the perfect product for combating many of your skin care issues. If you take a look at some of the reviews posted on, you’ll soon realize that the products are very popular amongst consumers today.

However, there is one small problem…

As individuals living in the world today, we cannot have rely on one simple solution for our skin. Instead, we need to rely on unique solutions and research things before applying products to our skin. That same protocol applies to InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum. While one might think that a product is harmless, that doesn’t mean that it is. At most times, its bad to assume that no harmful ingredients are included in any formula. Which is exactly why we never do that here at

Instead, we put in the work to identify any and all toxic ingredients that might be included in each product, especially those manufactured by InstaNatural. It’s not just the toxic ingredients but the allergy potential that it might cause as well. If your plan is to read, review, and rely on third-party reviews, then that’s just a really bad idea. I suggest you take a different approach and speak with your dermatologist instead before taking any action and using the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum.

What else do you need to know?

instanatural vitamin c serum review

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum 20% (Product Details)

I’ll start by saying that this is literally one of the best skin care products selling on today. It’s an anti aging and skin clearing product that many consumers have been relying on for a long time.

I’ll kick things off her by covering the ingredients and benefits of the vitamin C serum. If you take a quick look at the vitamin C serum you will notice that it contains 20% vitamin C, 2.5% retinol, 2.0% salicylic acid, and 3.5% niacinamide. Many people seem to really enjoy this product due to the fact that it’s literally jam packed with more ingredients than most. However, that logic simply isn’t that great. The serums pH balance has a lot to do with the fact that too many ingredients may be incorporated into this product.

Speaking of ingredients, here’s what you need to be on the lookout for if you take a peak at the label. You’ll find all these ingredients listed:

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Organic Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Wildcrafted Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense), Wildcrafted Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale), Wild Geranium (Wildcrafted Geranium Maculatum), Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin, Deionized Water, Organic Aloe, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Retinol, Olive Oil Squalene, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, Rosehip Seed Oil, Carbomer, (2s)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid.

Using The InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum 20%

If you’re interested in using the INstaNatural Vitamin C Serum then you’ll be happy to learn that it’s pretty simple to apply and easy to use. The product is very “thin” and “watery” in a sense of the way. The product smells like citrus and thankgfully, it’s not a very powerful citrus smell. The good news is that most people haven’t had any negative issues using this product.

Does The Product Work?

In short, yes. All signs point to this vitamin C serum working quite well even given all the ingredients that the product contains. People that have used this product have seen healthier skin and a reduction in hyperpigmentation. There are lots of nice things people have said about the 20% sodium ascorbyl phosphate. Many people notice improvement within a couple of weeks but everyone is different really.

Using the product is pretty easy. You can apply it twice daily (once in the morning and once at night). The chances of seeing any adverse effects due to this usage amount is slim to none. However, what I can say is that you need to be careful when you use this vitamin C serum within your routine. It’s due to the fact that the SAP is pH sensitive. You need to apply this product after you cleanse your skin but before applying moisturizer.

Assuming that you’re using exfoliants as well as serums that are low in pH then you want to use those before using the vitamin C serum.

The Quick Rundown

Here’s a quick rundown and overview of things that you need to know about the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum as it applies to almost any consumer out there today.

The ingredients are pretty powerful for the most part and the most powerful ones are the tea tree oil, rosehip seed oil, niacinamide, and of course vitamin C. However, adding the lavender, salicyclic acid, and retinol make the product more sensitive versus the typical vitamin C serum.

The product is known for being about to treat hyperpigmentation, lighten your skin, fight acne, and more but it might irritate your skin if it’s sensitive.

The product is priced low and affordable for the most part. If you buy it in a bundle, it’s even more affordable.

Check out some of the recent Amazon reviews that people have left for you and many of the other consumers before making a purchasing decision.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum

If you’re wondering whether or not there are other vitamin C serums to consider, there are plenty of them. Here’s one page that you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for other options. I can tell you right now that this list of serums is what I’d consider to be the best of the best.

Assuming that you’re like many other consumers out there, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of solutions for you to consider. However, it’s typically sufficient for you to test just one or two of them to see which works best. Take it from me, I’ve tried many.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum 20% Review
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