As we grow older, it makes perfect sense that every single person on the planet wants to look their absolute best as often as possible. But aging can prevent us from looking and feeling as best as we possibly can.

As we begin to age, our skin begins to get wrinkled, saggy and otherwise less attractive than it once was. Many of us, and especially those who look attractive by regular standards, will experience all sorts of unwanted feelings as our skin begins to change. We will undergo a state of depression, anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness and more. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way as long as you use the right skincare regimen.

syn-ake anti wrinkle peptide
Here is the chemical structure of the Syn-ake molecule.

In truth, there are many wonderful skincare ingredients on the market today. Some help to provide powerful benefits depending on the user’s need, while others might not do anything for one person but mean a world of difference for another. It all depends on the individual’s specific problems and what type of solution can help them the most.

In the case of Syn-Ake, if you happen to be looking for a high-quality anti aging ingredient, then you have definitely come to the right place. As a matter of fact, this ingredient and the products that use it, is often marketed as an alternative to getting Botox injections. They are looked upon as a safer and less invasive way to achieve the same results that Botox supplies.

Do you believe the hype? Or are you skeptical in nature?

No matter what you happen to believe, we will share information about this awesome ingredient known as Syn-Ake. We will tell you as much as we can based on the information that we have discovered throughout the years.

Let’s jump into the main details.

Syn-Ake Serum : What Is It?

Before we get into the list of some of the main benefits and ways that this product is going to be able to help you, we will take a look at the history and discover where this particular anti aging ingredient was derived from.

Our own Kathy Tremblay made a quick informational video with more information on this amazing anti wrinkle ingredient. 

You see, this is a synthetic form of snake venom. Now you might be wondering why anybody would want to put snake venom on their skin. And the answer is quite simple. Do you know that Botox paralyzes the skin? Well, this particular form of synthetic snake venom also has the ability to paralyze the skin. And once the skin is paralyzed, it can help to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet in a relatively short period of time.

And better yet, there are many wonderful products on the market containing this ingredient that are achieving incredible results for the users. If you take a look at Amazon and other websites that sell skincare products, you’ll see many amazing reviews talking about the wonderful benefits of this ingredient.

As far as where the original venom comes from, it is a synthetic derivative of the venom that can be found in the Temple Viper. This is a poisonous snake that lives in the region of South East Asia, and is native to that land.

As far as using this serum goes, which we will get into in more detail later, please know that right now you can either use this compound on its own, or for even added affect you can use it with a moisturizer to really experience the benefits to their fullest.

How Does Syn-Ake Work?

With a very similar designed to Botox, Syn-Ake has a very powerful ability that helps to eliminate the signs of aging. It is capable of reducing muscle contractions in the face, and by having the cell movement reduced; it will allow your skin to naturally smooth out on its own.

As we all know, one of the main reasons why many people begin the look older is because their skin begins to become wrinkled. So the snake venom – or the synthetic version that we are talking about – has a very powerful ability in helping to paralyze the facial muscles.

As we mentioned, this is very similar to what Botox does. Botox paralyzes the face, which allows the skin to become smooth once again. And you’re going to get have a very similar experience when using Syn-Ake, a synthetic form of the Temple Viper snake venom.

The muscular paralysis is the reason why this particular formula of synthetic snake venom works. And the concept is quite clear. This synthetic derivative is going to temporarily deaden facial muscles, and this is going to help further prevent the formation of new wrinkles and help to eliminate your existing wrinkles so that they do not become a problem any longer.

All in all, using synthetic snake venom is a great way to help to eliminate wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. And when you continuously use a product containing this formula over time, you’ll be able to help eradicate the wrinkles that are formed when you frown, laugh and smile.

As we all know, facial expressions are the main reasons why the skin begins to stretch and form wrinkles. But that doesn’t mean you should try to stay completely expression free from now on, because skincare products will allow you to eliminate the wrinkles that are messing up your beautiful complexion.

Syn-Ake, when applied on the forehead, neck and decollete, around the mouth and around the eyes, will allow the user to experience wonderful benefits. When using this product, please make sure to keep it out of your eyes, and if you do accidentally get some in there, please thoroughly wash out your eyes so that they do not become unnecessarily damaged.

How to Use Syn-Ake

There are a few ways to use this powerful anti aging ingredient. Some people like to use it out right. Others would prefer to use it by mixing it into their facial cream or moisturizer.

If you are uncertain as to the best way to use this remarkable ingredient, you always have the ability to contact a dermatologist. Find out what he or she believes would be the best way to use this product based on your particular skin type.

Since it is a water-soluble ingredient, you can also combine it with different types of skincare products. You can use it with distilled water if you prefer, or you can even mix it up with another skin care serum that you use as part of your anti aging skin care regimen.

Until you know specifically how it is going to affect your skin, you should use the smallest amount of this concentration possible in the very beginning. Some people unfortunately have experienced adverse reactions when using products with this ingredient, and you might end up being one of them, so be cautious in the beginning until you know if the formula works for you or not.

The Benefits of Using Syn-Ake

As you can imagine, there are many wonderful benefits to using synthetic snake venom. Some of our favorites include:

  • This is a nonsurgical way to eliminate wrinkles – just like Botox, this is a way to eliminate your wrinkles without getting a face lift. Since it is readily available, you do not need to get the dermatologist involved one way or another. Nobody particularly likes to go under the knife for any reason, and using synthetic snake venom is one fantastic way to avoid the need for plastic surgery.
  • No prescription required – since this is not technically classified as a drug, you do not need the intervention of a doctor at all. You can buy this product over-the-counter or through many of the wonderful online websites that sell anti aging ingredients such as this. Please pay attention to the directions on the box and listen to what the manufacturer has to tell you. This is the ideal way to use Syn-Ake products without having to worry about doing something wrong.
  • Eliminates wrinkles – most people wouldn’t even consider this product at all if it did not do what it has set out to do. The paralysis effect of the synthetic snake venom is perfect to help eliminate wrinkles once and for all. By paralyzing your facial muscles, your skin has the ability to become smooth once again. And just like Botox, this is only a temporary solution, so you’ll need to use products containing this formula regularly in order to experience the maximum amount of benefits.
  • Wonderful anti aging ingredient – as time goes by, we are really starting to learn all about the best anti aging ingredients on the market today. There are a number of wonderful ingredients that really help to rejuvenate the skin and bring back the appearance of youth. Synthetic snake venom happens to be one of those ingredients.
  • Minor/moderate side effects – unlike other anti aging treatments performed by a plastic surgeon, using Syn-Ake will only cause temporary and minor side effects. If you prefer to have your wrinkles back one day, just stop using the product and they will eventually return.

At the end of the day, it’s important to recognize that Syn-Ake is a powerful anti aging ingredient. Please use it to help restore your youth and beauty once again.

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