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As we age, our bodies, and especially our face, begin to develop fine lines, wrinkles, and other unwanted blemishes that make us look old and unfortunately ruin our looks and appearance. The signs of aging not only make us look worse to the outside world, but they also make us feel worse on the inside. And that is truly the harshest thing to deal with as we get older.

Snap 8 – The Peptide For Wrinkles

When you look in the mirror and see wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes, as well as crow’s feet, it’s hard to feel young and attractive. And when you see that your body is beginning to look older, oddly enough, your body begins to feel older as well. You start to notice aches and pains more often. You start to lose that spring in your step. Ultimately, life just becomes worse and a lot harder to bear each and every day. Many people begin having a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning.

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This peptide is made by Lipotec, the same manufacturer of Argireline.

Snap 8, the peptide found in many popular anti-wrinkle and anti aging solutions, can literally help to turn your life around if you let it. This wonderful ingredient can make a huge difference in your daily skin care regimen, and it works toward eradicating fine lines and wrinkles and returning your skin back to its smooth and silky state.

How do we know that Snap 8 actually works?

Well, extensive testing has been done on this peptide, and many people have spoken highly about skincare products that contain this active ingredient. So, between happy customers and extensive testing, we can say with confidence that Snap 8 is an effective peptide that can absolutely help you win the war against wrinkles, whether you realize you are waging it or not.

The Positive Test Results Tell the Tale of Snap 8

We want you to feel confident that this peptide is going to be able to help you as soon as you begin using it in certain skincare products. We want you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are using a skincare ingredient that actually makes a real difference in the way that your wrinkles appear to the rest of the world, or to you when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Testing is incredibly important when introducing a new peptide such as Snap 8 into skin care products. While this is certainly not a new peptide so to speak, when it first entered the market it was thoroughly tested to see just how well it would perform as an anti aging ingredient. We are happy to say that this peptide has done its job to the fullest and has helped to eliminate wrinkles with flying colors.

In the beginning, VIVO testing was performed in an effort to discover how effective this small peptide would be as far as stability for the SNARE complex is concerned. This testing was done in two specific ways.

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First, the stability was tested in a lab to find out how well it holds up. It was also tested on individuals to see how effective it was.

Leaving the science aspect out of it, we will now look at the way that this testing went on actual human test subjects. To say that it was effective is not saying enough, because this peptide is able to penetrate deeply into wrinkles and actually force the wrinkles to diminish in stature over time.

The 17 test subjects were required to use a cream that contained Snap 8, and the cream was made up of 10% of this peptide. The test subjects were required to apply this cream two times each day, and the testing lasted for a total of 28 days.

The researchers paid close attention to the depth of the wrinkles of each of the 17 test subjects prior to starting. And then after the 28 days were complete, they also measured the depth of the wrinkles once again. The results were astounding to say the least, and the overall reduction in wrinkles came out to be 63.18 percent.

To put it simply, when 17 test subjects used a solution that contained 10% Snap 8 for 28 days, they were able to reduce their wrinkles by 63%! That is a fantastic result, and anybody who has deep wrinkles will know that having them diminish by 63% is phenomenal to say the least.

How Exactly Does Snap 8 Actually Work?

Next, we will do our best to share the details of precisely how Snap 8 actually works. Many people are wondering how this powerful substance is able to penetrate so deeply into wrinkles and force them to diminish.

To put it as plainly as possible, this is going to be very difficult because this is quite scientific in its nature, but we will do our best to share this information as plainly as we possibly can.

Snap 8, and all of its wonderfulness, is part of the Snap 25 and helps to complete the SNARE complex. When the SNARE complex become slightly destabilized, it prevents it from releasing neurotransmitters. This helps to reduce muscle contractions, and the lack of muscle contractions will prevent the addition of further fine lines and wrinkles.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. This destabilization does so much more. Not only will it help to prevent further fine lines and wrinkles from developing, but it also has the ability to begin reducing existing wrinkles and fine lines. It will inhibit the formation of the SNARE complex and this in turn helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and the beauty is that all test subjects have seen a significant reduction when using products that contain this ingredient.

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The Benefits of Using Products That Contain Snap 8

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If you are trying to stop the hands of father time, and prevent further signs of aging as well as diminish the current ones, then it’s in your best interest to begin using products that contain the peptide known as Snap 8. This peptide provides amazing benefits as far as minimizing the signs of aging are concerned, as you are about to learn.

Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • A much safer alternative to Botox – many people have no problem going into the doctor’s office to find out more about getting Botox injections. But when you really think about it, Botox is actually short for botulism toxin. Do you really want to inject toxins into your face just to get rid of the signs of aging? Many people are absolutely fine with Botox, but the beauty is that there is a much safer way to experience the same results without having to inject toxins into your face. Snap 8 products are just as effective as Botox injections, except this peptide is much safer than injecting toxic material into your face. If you regularly undergo Botox treatments, please consider trying products that contain this ingredient as an alternative. It’s much safer and much healthier for you.
  • A cheaper alternative to Botox – since Botox injections are a cosmetic procedure, the cost will not be covered by your insurance provider. And as you can imagine, just like every other cosmetic procedure, Botox injections are quite expensive. On the other hand, products that contain this ingredient are relatively inexpensive when compared to Botox. And since products containing this peptide are just as effective, you could save a great deal of money just by switching over to Snap 8 products instead of injecting toxins into your face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is a better alternative in so many different ways, but if money is a major factor then this peptide is going to become your best friend because it’s going to help you save plenty of dough over the long run.
  • Wrinkle depth reduction is its primary function – obviously, the main reason that you are here is because you’re looking for a safe way to eliminate the signs of aging, especially in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. Many of you may have considered using botulism toxin to help diminish wrinkles, but for one reason or another have decided against it or choose to no longer go this path. Snap 8 is the safer alternative, and when it comes to wrinkles on the face that are usually developed by the contraction of muscles due to facial expressions, using this peptide to help diminish the signs is the best way to go. Without explaining it again, this ingredient penetrates deeply into your wrinkles and will help to reduce their appearance gradually over time.


We feel that it is very clear that Snap 8, and the products that contain it, are a safer, cheaper, and just as effective alternative to Botox injections. Through extensive testing on 17 test subjects using a solution that contains 10% Snap 8, we’ve seen all 17 test subjects experience more than 63% of a reduction in the size and depth of their wrinkles. The appearance of wrinkles greatly diminished during the four weeks of testing, so it is safe to say that you can also experience the powerful benefits when you give high quality products that contain this peptide a try.

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