Shea Butter

As of this writing, Shea butter has reached a tipping point in its level of popularity. This all natural vitamin A cream has taken the world by storm, and many people love it because it is a wonderful moisturizer that also helps to heal the skin.

The best part about Shea butter is that we are learning more and more ways to use this product to help us heal unwanted skin conditions. The list has grown quite extensively throughout the years, and we have currently discovered many reasons why everyone should use Shea butter in certain circumstances.

Shea butter contains vitamin A, and this is important because it can help to improve certain skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and wrinkles. As an addition, when you use premium Shea butter it also has properties that can fight against insect bites, frostbite, sunburn and skin allergies.

More than anything else, Shea butter has an unparalleled moisturizing ability. It has the ability to moisturize because it contains a number of different properties within the cream that produce moisture.

There is a concept that tells us that sebaceous glands in the skin help to produce moisture. If you believe in this concept, then you should not be surprised that Shea butter is a fantastic moisturizer.

This cream is also wonderful for skin injuries, because the physiological and biochemical makeup is perfect to help heal wounds. There are number of Shea butter users that have used this cream and have achieved incredible results as far as accelerated wound healing is concerned.

Even though vitamin E is present within Shea butter, it is currently unclear as to the effect that this vitamin has in this formulation. But we can tell you that the vitamin E present in this cream is outstanding to help fight against free radical damage, anti aging and microcirculation.

Are All Types of Shea Butter Created Equally?

Now that you have a better understanding of Shea butter and how it is so beneficial to the skin, anti aging, healing wounds and so much more, it’s now in our best interest to take a look at the various types. We want to see if all types are created equally.

For the most part, it’s in your best interest to buy the highest quality, premium Shea butter available on the market. When you purchase the best brands, you have the opportunity to experience many of the health benefits that we have been talking about so far today.

When you purchase Shea butter that is aged, or one that has lost its natural integrity, it is also going to lose all of the great benefits that we have been speaking about.

One example that we would like to discuss is cinnamic acid. Shea butter contains this acid, and this ingredient is fantastic because it can easily bind to other ingredients. Over time, Shea butter will lose its natural integrity, and this will cause the cinnamic acid amounts to decrease, and ultimately this is going to increase the amount of unbounded cinnamic acid. This is something that you would much rather avoid in order to experience the best benefits possible when using this cream.

The American Shea Butter Institute has done research on this exact topic. They learned a very important lesson that I would like to share with you right now. During their testing, they found out that reducing bound cinnamic acid also reduces the clinical effectiveness and healing properties of Shea butter. So, this ultimately tells us that the substance is a lot less effective as it gets older and loses its potency.

We would now like to take a look at some of the many wonderful benefits that you’ll experience when using this substance. We previously mentioned reasons why Shea butter is so effective, and we will go into each and every one of them in greater detail below.

The Many Reasons to Use Shea Butter

When it comes to many of the conditions that we have listed below, Shea butter will help to us improve in all of these areas. This is a multipurpose cream that has many wonderful uses. In order to achieve optimum results using Shea butter, it is in your best interest to use it for at least 4 to 6 weeks in order to attain maximum effectiveness.

The reasons to use this substance include:

  • Skin rash – if you suffer from skin rashes of any kind, it would be wise to see if the healing properties of Shea butter could make a difference.
  • Peeling skin after tanning – in order to heal from peeling skin after tanning, using Shea butter will help to expedite the healing process.
  • Wrinkles and other skin blemishes – many people are looking for products that can help to fight against the signs of aging. Shea butter is one of those products, and it has many wonderful anti aging fighting properties and many people are very happy with the overall results.
  • Itching skin – if your skin is itchy, please use this cream regularly for 4 to 6 weeks and see what it can do to help relieve the edge.
  • Sunburn – sunburn is very painful and it can cause all types of problems like fevers, chills and other conditions. If you are looking to heal the skin as quickly as possible, this cream can definitely help.
  • Shaving cream – if you are looking for a natural form of shaving cream, Shea butter is definitely your go to substance.
  • Small wounds on the skin – we have heard time and again that Shea butter contains great healing properties. Use it on small wounds on the skin.
  • Insect bites – insect bites can often be quite painful. Shea butter will help to relieve the pain caused by these unwanted bites.
  • Aches, pain, and muscle fatigue – Shea butter helps to relieve the pain and soreness that many experience in their muscles. Try it to see how well it can help you too.

Shea butter is a versatile cream. Use it to help clear up all of your unwanted skin conditions.

Shea Butter
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