Mandelic Acid

Many of us are unfortunately unhappy with the way that our skin looks. Sometimes we have dark spots that need to be removed. Other times we have uneven skin tone. And still other times our skin is damaged by the sun. All of these instances will create a measure of inflammation, especially acne, and using the right skin care products is the only way to restore your skin to a healthy state.

Mandelic acid is very similar to lactic acid and glycolic acid. It is an AHA that adheres to the skin very gently, and this will allow it to peel dead and dying skin cells away from your existing skin layer. Once the skin is peeled away, new skin cells are then revealed, and this is even more beneficial because the new skin cells have a better opportunity to grow in their place.

As you can imagine, there are some powerful benefits that you’ll experience when using mandelic acid in the form of a chemical peel. We will tell you all about the benefits, everything you need to know about this substance, what to expect when using it and more.

With that said, let’s get down to the good stuff.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Mandelic Acid

Before we take a closer look at the benefits, it’s important learn a thing or two about mandelic acid so that you have a good working knowledge of how it can help.

For starters, mandelic acid is a substance that comes from a very natural source. Believe it or not, this acid is actually extracted from bitter almonds. And as we all know, almonds provide many wonderful health benefits, but you may not have realized that they were also going to help improve your skin. Typically, when people talk about almonds, they talk about how good they are for your overall health, but they never really mention the skin. Well, with this ingredient, we now have a reason to love almonds even more!

almonds contain mandelic acid
This ingredient is found in almonds.

Another important thing to realize is that mandelic acid is different from lactic and glycolic acids in one very big way. It has larger molecules when compared to the two, and this poses a huge benefit in the fact that the larger molecules prevent deep penetration into the skin. The result is that people experience less irritation when they use this formula as a skin peel as opposed to other AHAs. At the end of the day, this is going to be a huge benefit for people who have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, then you are typically prone to more inflammation than others. By using mandelic acid as your chemical peel of choice, you do not have to worry about irritating your skin to the point that you break out in rashes.

Next, I’d like to mention that it is also wonderful because it actually has an antibacterial effect when used on the skin. So if you are prone to acne breakouts and other bacteria related conditions, then this is the ideal choice because it will help to prevent and protect against potential problems of this type. You’ll no longer have to worry about acne breakouts if you think the chemical peel is going to clog your pores. When using mandelic acid, between the large molecules and the antibacterial effect, clogged pores are never going to be an issue.

Finally, if you’ve never had a chemical peel before, this is a good chemical to start with if you are afraid of how your skin is going to react. Since mandelic acid is such a gentle AHA, you really do not have to worry about any potential negative side effects because most people have a pleasant experience using this particular chemical. Remember, it is derived from almonds, which is a very natural and healthy substance. So, you can expect to see phenomenal results without having to panic about any possible negative side effects. This is especially comforting for those who have never undergone a chemical peel of this type before.

What Can a Newbie Expect When Trying a Mandelic Acid Peel for the First Time?

When you first decide to use mandelic acid as part of your chemical peel, the first thing you should do is thoroughly clean your face to achieve the maximum benefits. Once that is complete, and since it is so gentle, you can apply this acid to any particular skin type without having to fear negative side effects.

The great thing about this acid is that it’s a very easy to use. Just apply it to your face for about 5 to 15 minutes, and then when all is said and done you just need to remove it from your skin and see the incredible results.

As you remove the acid from your skin, it is quite possible that you are going to experience a warming sensation during this process. Do not be alarmed and do not fear that something is wrong; because that’s how it’s supposed to feel. For many people, during the mandelic acid removal process, they do not experience any physical sensation whatsoever. They do not feel the heat that some do, and this is also quite normal. Everybody’s skin is going to react differently, so it’s hard to pinpoint precisely what you should expect.

When you look at your skin in the mirror for the first time, it is quite possible that it is going to appear pinker than normal. This is okay, and again, it is nothing to be alarmed about. It means that the dead skin layers have peeled off of your face, and the fresh, new pink skin cells are starting to show on the surface. Once those dead and dying skin cells have been removed, the fresh layer of skin is then revealed. This acid is important because soap and other skincare products cannot remove dead skin cells. Only chemical peel acids have this ability, and this is the reason why they are so popular today.

Are There Any Side Effects to Know about When Using Mandelic Acid?

It’s absolutely okay to wonder if you would experience any side effects when using this. The good thing about this acid is that it is derived from natural sources, as we have mentioned earlier, and it is very gentle on the skin. Because it is gentle, very few people will experience potential side effects at all. But there are a few that do affect people from time to time, so we will share that information with you right now.

First off, some people occasionally experience a slight stinging sensation when using this as a chemical peel. This is perfectly normal.

Others will experience peeling, itching and flaking of the skin. Remember, this is peeling off the dead layer of your skin cells, so this is an undeniably normal expectation. It really isn’t a side effect at all, but certain people might look at it that way.

Finally, some people will occasionally suffer from inflammation that causes acne. This is nothing to be alarmed about. This is only going to be a mild outbreak at best, and you’ll probably only suffer the negative effects for one or two days, three at the most.

The Benefits of Using Mandelic Acid

Finally, it’s always important to mention the benefits of using a chemical such as mandelic acid. Since we want you to be fully informed, here are the benefits in no particular order:

  • Helps to fade dark spots – if you have dark spots on your skin, especially on your face, and you feel they are ruining your complexion, one of the best things that you could ever do is use mandelic acid. This acid has the ability to fade dark spots when you use it regularly. You only need to use it a couple of times before you start seeing excellent results, and the more you use it, the better off you are going to be. It will help to fade those dark spots relatively quickly, but remember patience is always the key to success when it comes to skin care.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation typically caused by acne – as we all know, when we suffer from acne breakouts we are suffering because our skin has become inflamed. A fantastic way to help put an end to this inflammation is to use substances that contain mandelic acid. Find a facial cream, a chemical peel, a serum or anything else that contains this substance, and make sure to follow the instructions in order to achieve the greatest results.
  • Helps to promote new skin cell growth – when used as a chemical peel, mandelic acid is wonderful because it promotes the growth of new skin cells. Once it removes the dead and dying layers of skin from your face, the new skin cells below the surface have a chance to come to the surface and breathe new life into your complexion.

Do not hesitate to try this ingredient today. It is a phenomenal chemical that gets the job done.

Mandelic Acid
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