Lanolin is an ingredient that you will find in many popular skin care products and anti aging creams. It is incredibly potent and very useful because it provides healing, moisturizing and soothing effects to all types of skin. This is wonderful for those suffering from unwanted skin conditions that need to be corrected, because this important ingredient has the ability to help on so many different levels.

What is Lanolin?

When lanolin is available in the cream form, it has many different applications. When used correctly, it is an excellent way to help to soothe dry skin. It’s also great to help soothe cracked and chapped skin, and nursing mothers can use it frequently to help heal their nipples.

pic of lanolin
Lanolin actually is derived from sheep’s wool.

The funny thing about lanolin is that the majority of people know about this substance, but they only know about it because of its moisturizing properties. They do not even realize that it provides so many other great benefits, and it should be an essential ingredient in any skin care regimen.

We are going to take a thorough look at lanolin and how it can help in all of its forms. We will tell you about any potential side effects that you might experience, plus the various properties and benefits.

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What Are the Properties of Lanolin?

As you may or may not know, lanolin, in its main form, is actually oil that is extracted from the wool of sheep. This oil is removed from the wool of the sheep prior to processing the wool before turning in it to clothing products anything else that it might be used for.

When it comes to lanolin in the cream form, the creams are obviously going to contain other ingredients besides lanolin oil. Some products will only contain pure lanolin oil as well, because the moisturizing properties of this lubricant are so powerful and people want to get the full benefits of it in the purest form.

People and companies prefer to use pure lanolin oil because it is beneficial in many different skin care treatments. One such treatment is that it has the ability to penetrate the skin on a very deep level. This allows for total moisturization, and as you can imagine it will also help to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin so that it looks much younger and more supple and attractive.

Another important use for lanolin is that it has a barrier producing effect on the skin. This product is way more than just a simple moisturizer as you are finally starting to realize, and it offers a wide range of benefits. As far as the barrier goes, this will help to prevent moisture from escaping. And as we all know, dry and brittle skin lacking moisture creates all types of unwanted skin conditions that most people would rather avoid.

By having the barrier created by lanolin oil, you will be able to trap the moisture into your skin and keep it there where it belongs. And this my friends is precisely the reason why lanolin is such a beneficial product that can really help to boost any skincare regimen.

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As you can see, the longer the moisture stays in the skin, the suppler it will be. And this is great for those who are conscious of money, because the longer the ingredient lasts, the less you are going to need to apply to the skin. As you can imagine, the less you need to apply to the skin, the less product you’re going to have to buy. It is a trickle-down effect that helps keep more money in your pocket over the long run.

What Are the Healing Properties of Lanolin?

When we first started out on this journey, we mentioned that lanolin contains commanding healing properties that really create a positive effect on the skin.

First off, it is a very good oil or cream to use if you have dry, cracked skin. We all know that cracked and dry and brittle skin leads to bleeding and unhealthy looking skin. By using the lanolin oil, or creams that contain lanolin, you will be able to heal the skin and return it to its normal state. This will prevent bleeding and further cracking and allow the skin to heal naturally with the assistance of this oil.

Second, lanolin oil or creams that contain lanolin are excellent at helping people with callused heels. When you have calluses, they are often very uncomfortable and quite painful on the bottom of the feet. But using lanolin oil on a regular basis is going to help remove the calluses and restore health and vitality to the heels of your feet once again. Once the skin returns to normal, the pain will diminish and you will feel comfortable walking once again. Heck, you may even want to try jogging if that is something that you’ve had to stay away from for a while due to the calluses.

Third, we have to mention the moisturizing capabilities of lanolin. Everybody most likely knows that this powerful ingredient is capable of restoring moisture to the skin. This is exactly what you need if you are struggling with the signs of aging and you are trying to look your best once again. By revitalizing the moisture in the skin, lanolin helps to make the skin look younger, softer and much suppler then it may have looked in quite a while.

Fourth, many people have been known to use lanolin if they suffer from recurring skin conditions, which ultimately feel like nightmares to these people when the skin conditions do not want to go away naturally on their own. As an example, when using lanolin in the cream form, it is very effective at helping to eliminate skin scaling. And when the scales are removed, it will also help to diminish the itching sensation that many people often feel when they suffer from chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Plus, the other additional benefit is that a moisture barrier will be created around your skin which will help you prevent bleeding, cracking and dry skin while retaining your natural moisture.

How to Use Lanolin Cream as Part of a Skincare Regimen?

As many of you should already know, the best way to fully take advantage of lanolin and other beauty and skincare products is to use them on a daily basis according to the directions on the package. Otherwise you might only experience a small portion of the benefits than you would otherwise if you were to follow the instructions completely.

Take lanolin as an example. In order to fully appreciate the benefits that lanolin offers, you need to use this product regularly in order to capture the full experience.

There are a couple of ways to use lanolin as part of your skin care regimen, and we will lay them out for you below.

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  • When you wear sandals regularly – if you are a woman and you regularly wear sandals or even high-heeled shoes for that matter, the soles of your feet will often begin to peel, crack and thicken because of the friction generated while walking. If this is to happen to you, the best way to overcome this problem is to begin using lanolin on your feet every day to help penetrate the layers of dead skin cells. Once the skin cells are penetrated, you can then use an exfoliating tool to remove them from your feet so that they do not cause you any more problems down the road.
  • Use lanolin cream before you go to bed each night – if you want to have smoother and more supple skin, and skin that is completely moisturized, then it is absolutely in your best interest to begin using lanolin cream or lanolin oil at night before you go to bed. The reason why you use it before going to bed is simple. It’s much more effective when you apply the cream at bedtime. It has the ability to really penetrate into your skin overnight, and this will allow the formula to work at removing the dead layers of skin so that you have a fresh and healthy glow when you wake up and every day.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects That I Need to Know about Lanolin?

It makes sense to wonder if there are any possible side effects to using lanolin on a daily basis. And the truth is that there is only one potential problem that certain people might experience when using this type of oil.

Remember when we told you that lanolin oil was extracted from the wool of sheep? Well, some people are very allergic to wool and will suffer a negative reaction in the form of itchy skin and rashes. If you are allergic to wool, then you will probably experience an adverse reaction when using lanolin in any of its forms. So please keep that in mind and use the product sparingly in the beginning to make sure that you are not allergic to this wonderful oil.

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