Human Growth Factor

What is Human growth factor?  What does it do for your skin?  Today we’ll dig deep into this ingredient and talk about why it’s one of the trendiest ingredients found in skin care products today.

What is the Role of Growth Factors in Skin Creams?

Playing a vital role in helping skin stay healthy and maintain their foundational structure, human growth factors are proteins that regulate cellular growth.

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Types of Products Using Growth Factors

As with most of the trendy anti aging products, you can find these classified as cosemeceuticals.


You’ll find that most of the anti aging products using this ingredient in their formula aim to treat common signs of aging caused by natural aging as well as the environment.

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What types of Signs of Aging Are we Talking about?

The common skin problems that everyone faces as we grow older in age are the main source of treatment.  Much like any other anti aging product, a growth factor skin creams aim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve rough and damaged skin tones, as well as improve texture, treat age spots, and even out pigmentation.

Further Research:

Research has reported that growth factors do have the ability to increase collagen production and accelerate wound healing and other skin ailments.  What is worth noting is that the majority of the studies are performed in vitro and they do not depict the challenges that penetration has on the molecules.  This is because in most cases only a small percent of the topically applied growth factors will penetrate the skin substantially and in essence activate anti aging pathways.  However, the molecules that do make it to full penetration are highly potent and are a very legitimate tactic to employ to reverse many signs of aging.  (For this reason, HGF serums are selling very well and the trend is an upward one.)

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HGF Youth Elixir



Human Growth Factor
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