If you are looking to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles, there is one anti aging ingredient you must look for on the label, and that’s Haloyxl.  It may show up on your skin cream or serum label looking like something below.  (The scientific name is called the INCI name.)  This ingredient is simply the best approach to reducing discoloration around the eyes, and it’s been proven through time.

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Haloxyl Review:  Why Does this Work for Dark Circles?

This ingredient was formulated to work around the skin near the eyes to reduce discoloration as well as firm the skin.  Dark circles under and around the eyes are largely contributed to a lack of sleep, poor diet, and genetics.  They can also form due to an allergic reaction to a medication or a lack of hydration.  These nasty rings can happen to anyone, nobody is safe when it comes to dark circles forming.  These are among the top complaints from people of all ages as they age. It effects all demographics and people of all races.

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How this works is by absorbing the pigment in the blood that causes the color to form and be visible to the naked eye.  Repeated use of a Haloxyl eye serum can help reduce the appearance of discoloration at an amazing clip.

Many of our editors use the Elite Serum Rx with Haloxyl and Argireline to get a 1-2 punch that treats eye wrinkles while also working to reduce any circles or bags that form around the eyes.

It’s among the best reviewed products we’ve ever posted, which combines personal use, polling our visitors, Amazon reviews, and media sentiment.

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Where to Buy Haloxyl Serums

Haloxyl in it’s pure form is for sale from the Making Cosmetics website and you can also drop by their facility in Washington State if you wish.  You won’t find this ingredient in stores, however if you are looking to create your own DIY haloxyl serum you can purchase it online and compound it at your facility of choice.

You’ll find that unless you are in the industry, you are better off buying a product with this ingredient rather than trying to do what the experts do – formulate and compound skin care products.

Our Verdict & Research

There is simply no better ingredient that can boast the R & D that haloxyl does.  If it’s not in your serum or cream, and you are looking to banish dark circles, you are simply wasting your money.

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