Many people ask “what is glycerin?”  Today, we’ll dive right into that topic as it applies to skin care.

What is Glycerin?

The ingredient glycerin is known to have many different uses, but it is especially important when used in skin and hair care products.

Why is it such a good additive to use in products such as this? Simply put, it has the ability to lock in moisture. Plus, it is a naturally available substance that is derived from sugar alcohols. It is typically found in vegetable oils, and it is also a byproduct of the soap making process.

But it is also go to know that glycerin can do more than meets the eye. It’s much more than just a simple way to lock in moisture. It is also wonderful because it can sooth, lubricate and cleanse the skin.

How Can Glycerin Benefit the Skin and Hair?

Glycerin is a versatile ingredient that provides many benefits. Some of the best benefits of using this item in skin and hair care products include:

  • Moisture absorbing properties – we really like glycerin because it has the capacity to retain and absorb moisture from the air. In doing this, it helps to keep the skin hydrated, moisturized and well-toned. When you use products that contain this ingredient, you are helping the outer layer of your skin by improving hydration. Plus, another benefit is that it helps to decrease melanin’s intensity. As we all know, melanin is a pigment that darkens the skin. By decreasing its intensity, your skin can keep a lighter tone.
  • Strengthens the barrier of the skin – another excellent reason to use products that contain glycerin is because of its ability to increase the thickness of the skin. It will increase the thickness of the epidermal layer, and it also can improve skin barrier function. What does this mean? At the end of the day, it means that the skin will be able to keep moisture in and harmful chemicals out.
  • Dead skin cell removal – glycerin has the ability to remove dead skin cells that often clump up and clog our pores. When our pores are clogged with these dead cells, they prevent new skin cells from forming. Glycerin is very useful because it can help to break down the proteins in dead skin cells and remove them from our body. This in turn will allow new skin cells to form, which is exactly what you want in order to retain healthy skin.
  • Healing properties – this substance is wonderful because it helps skin cells to heal. Not only that, but it also promotes the cells to mature and grow in a much more effective way. If you have a fungal infection, glycerin is also beneficial because it can act as a natural form of medication to heal the affection and kill certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

All in all, glycerin is a powerful substance that can provide many benefits for those suffering from all types of skin conditions. It has the ability to heal the skin, clear clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, and strengthens the skin barrier plus so much more. Finding products containing this ingredient will help tremendously as part of your skincare regimen.

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