Do you use any of the current available beauty and anti aging products? If you answered yes to this question, then it is quite possible that you have used a product that contains Cyclomethicone, which is an organic compound that they currently add too many products of this type.

Cyclomethicone chart

To get a better picture of this ingredient, it is created as a clear substance that is free of alcohol and completely odorless, and it is readily available in liquid form. It is added to many of the beauty, anti aging and skincare products for one reason and one reason only. It helps to make the texture smoother when applying products of this type, and it also makes it much easier to apply beauty products to the skin.

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Ways That Cyclomethicone Is Often Used

This beauty product ingredient is used in a number of different ways in order to get the best effects possible. It is added to many of today’s most popular perfumes. It is also added to many of the creams and lotions that you typically use as part of your beauty regimen. And what you might not realize is that Cyclomethicone is also added to hair care products and is known to help provide some wonderful added affects.

But that’s not all, because research is being done as I write this, and scientists are trying to determine if Cyclomethicone is the right ingredients for products that help with eliminating irritation and dryness. So there is a lot to learn, and there is a lot going on in regards to this influential ingredient. We will keep you updated and informed as more information becomes available, and as science continues to figure out more and more ways to use this excellent beauty care ingredient.

When anti aging scientists use this product in their skincare formulas, it typically helps to provide a lubricated and smooth feeling to the skin. Some products leave an oily and sticky residue, but when this ingredient is added to the mix it helps to thin it out and make it a lot smoother.

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Lastly, this ingredient is typically used to help act as a replacement for petroleum-based solvents. This is very good for the environment, because petroleum-based solvents unfortunately have a negative impact on the ozone layer. So when they are replaced with Cyclomethicone, the beauty care products become more environmentally friendly and healthier for the Earth.

Cyclomethicone: A Brief History

Historically speaking, this product was first created back in the 1980s, although we do not have a specific date or year for that matter. It was originally created by Dow Corning and initially it was designed for use in personal care products as an alternative emulsifier.

For the most part, this product was and still is used because of the specific chemical structure that it is made up of. You see, the chemical structure makes it a perfect candidate for many of today’s popular skincare products, because it has the ability to spread across the skin very easily. It does not enter into the pores at all, and you do not have to worry about it clogging up your pores and skin cells.

One of the most important things to know and understand about the skincare ingredient is that it’s perfect to deliver the necessary healing ingredients that help to improve the look and complexion of the skin. Since it spreads slowly across the skin, without clogging pores whatsoever, it is the ideal delivery system and it’s one of the reasons why you will notice it in some of the highest quality and most popular skincare products currently available on the market today.

How Does Cyclomethicone Actually Work?

Many of you, mostly due to curiosity’s sake or the fact that you continue to see Cyclomethicone listed as one of the ingredients in your favorite skincare products, will have found their way here because you want to know and understand more about this ingredient. You want to understand why it is a regular ingredient listed on many of the products that you use. And ultimately you’d like to learn more about it and how it actually works.

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Simply put, there are a number of different reasons why Cyclomethicone is such an effective additive to beauty care products like lotions and creams. And we’re going to tell you all about them right now.

  • The chemicals are larger than human pores – this is an important factor to understand, because the chemical structure, being larger than human pores, is the ideal delivery system for many of the wonderful skincare products that you know and love today. By having such a large chemical structure, it becomes a great additive because it helps to leave the skincare product on the surface of the skin, and this allows the skins texture to become smoother and softer, which is absolutely what you want when using skincare products of this type.
  • The chemical compound is excellent at helping to combat dry, brittle hair and dry skin – if you are unfortunately suffering from dry hair or dry skin, it would be in your best interest to ask your dermatologist to find out if he or she can offer a solution containing this ingredient. Or, if you prefer to take matters into your own hands like so many people, then you can look for a well-researched and effective skincare product that contains 5% to 10% Cyclomethicone. When a product contains that particular level of this ingredient, you will be able to experience the benefits that it provides by combating brittle hair and dry skin. This will help to provide a moisturizing effect that will let your hair and skin become rejuvenated once more.
  • This powerful ingredient provides aid when it comes to skin rejuvenation – yes, it’s true. Cyclomethicone is an excellent product that helps to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate acne scars. But that’s not all, because there are other more severe skin conditions that this ingredient helps to fight against. Psoriasis, which is in an autoimmune deficiency that causes the skin to obtain scaly patches and lesions that are difficult to get rid of. But when you use products that contain this awesome ingredient and you have psoriasis, it is widely known that it will help to eliminate the lesions and remove them from the skin.
  • It is a potent age defying ingredient – many anti aging products are available on the market today, and based on lots of research, this silicone agent is excellent when used in skin creams that help to fight against the signs of aging. Not only does it have moisturizing properties, but it also is a large enough chemical compound that it will not clog up the pores. And as we all know, clogged pores are the enemy when it comes to aging. They make us look older, more wrinkled and more out of shape. That’s why we always highly recommend using products that contain this silicone agent because it is so effective and so versatile in many different ways.

Does Cyclomethicone Cause Any Potential Side Effects?

We all wonder about the possible side effects when we use medications, eat certain foods and the like. People are also finally starting to realize that there could be potential side effects to the skin care products that we use, and it is becoming more prevalent now that people are curious about the effects that certain ingredients could create.

As far as Cyclomethicone is concerned, there really is nothing to worry about based on lots of clinical testing. But as with anything else, there are certain drawbacks to using products that contain this ingredient, but only under certain conditions that we are going to share with you right now.

First off, some people with sensitive skin have experienced unwanted side effects when using skincare products that contain this ingredient.

What does it do?

If you have sensitive skin, it could potentially irritate the skin, but so far it has only happened to a minor degree. Another thing to note is that it also possesses the potential for eye irritation, so please do your best to keep the product out of your eyes. There is no reason why this ingredient should ever get into your eyes in the first place, so please be careful when following your daily skincare regimen.

As far as side effects are concerned, one of the easiest ways to determine if you are going to experience negative side effects is to use the product as little as possible when you first try it out. You should do this with any skin care product of this type, because you never know how you’re going to react to the new ingredient. So only use a small amount of Cyclomethicone when you first begin to use this ingredient in products that contain it. This way, if you do suffer some type of an allergic reaction, it will only have a very minor effect because you started off slowly and safely.

That’s about all we have to say in regards to Cyclomethicone. It is an excellent skincare and beauty product ingredient, and we highly recommend using products that contain this substance.


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