Improve Your Skin With Dermaroller Therapy


With all the different types of skin care products and services out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. If your skin requires regular help, then most of these methods are too expensive to consider repeating frequently. Dermaroller therapy costs far less, meaning if you wanted additional sessions, they won’t destroy your budget. Even better, you can combine treatments to enhance the benefits provided through Dermaroller treatments.

Your First Treatment Session

The first time you schedule a treatment session at a clinic, give yourself extra time to fill out appropriate medical forms. The technician will briefly discuss the treatment and what results you are looking for. If you are concerned with discomfort or are seeking an intense treatment, they can apply a numbing cream to the area being treated. After allowing time for the topical anesthetic to take effect, the technician will roll the Dermaroller device over the skin while applying some pressure. This procedure, called microneedling, creates tiny punctures in the skin to create micro wounds. That in turn stimulates the skin to repair itself. It does so by producing collagen and elastins which are natural healing agents in your body.

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

When your skin firsts shows signs of aging, it typically starts with fine lines, wrinkles, and sags. If not treated at the beginning, those signs progress to moderate wrinkles and lines, gradually getting worse as you age further. Treating these signs of aging early on prevents the necessity of costly cosmetic laser treatments later. Instead, scheduling a Dermaroller session while the signs are mild will help to prevent deeper skincare issues later on.


Enhanced Skincare Treatments

With the Dermaroller procedure, tiny punctures in the skin reach down to the dermis layer of skin. These “micro channels” only stay open for no more than an hour. This makes any product applied during the process readily absorbed deep down. Serums with collagen, which is used for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, are often used in tandem with these applications. Other products contain vitamin C for healthier skin, Retin-A for clearing acne issues, or Minoxidil for hair loss issues. No other treatments work this way.

Scar And Stretchmark Reduction

Some skincare issues require several sessions in order to work effectively. With repeated sessions, scars and stretchmarks can begin to fade while mild scars may disappear completely. These marks are the result of damaged skin cells. By creating fresh collagen through the microneedling process, the damaged cells are slowly replaced with new, healthy cells. It doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to be patient.

Stopping Hair Loss

Microneedling works really well with the application of Minoxidil to slow down and stop further hair loss. In some cases, it actually reverses it, depending on the prescription and the application. For this particular issue, a microneedling stamp may be used instead of the roller to avoid tangling hair in the device.

Serious Skincare Issues

When the skin care issues are serious, the microneedling process is not likely going to help. Dramatic weight loss can leave extreme wrinkles and sagging, which are major ailments of the skin. In such an instance, plastic surgery may be the only way to effectively improve the skin’s appearance. Dark tattoos, heavy scarring, and deformities likely need laser procedures to help.

Improve Your Skin With Dermaroller Therapy
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