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Today’s review is a rather strange looking skin care device. The brand behind the device is called IlluMask and I can almost guarantee that you’ll think this is a weird looking device. However, before you go judging the device’s effectiveness, I think it’s important that you learn what this can do for you and your skin. More specifically, it’s important to learn what this can do for your acne issues. Many people use skin care products to prevent their skin from aging or looking older. Well, the IlluMask is what many consider to be an alternative to traditional face peels, acids, and masks in general. The exact name for this device is the IlluMask AntiAging Phototherapy Mask.

illumask review

Given that the product is technologically advanced and somewhat new, it’s important that you learn about the product and what it can do before taking any action. It’s super important for any and all consumers to do research on the device before buying it and more importantly before using it. You might also want to speak with your dermatologist about the product before giving it a try. There are a few things that you need to know about the IlluMask and what it may do to your skin.

For starters, the manufacturer of the mask claims that it can improve both the color and texture of your skin. Having a manufacturer make claims like this versus actual consumers completely different from one another. Sure, this claim is based on test subjects which were included in a clinical trial period, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work for you. Putting negative thoughts aside and giving the company the benefit of the doubt, they mentioned that majority of the people that participated in the trial showed signs of hydration improvement as well as elasticity.

However, given that this was such a small study size, it’s difficult to say whether or not those results would be similar if it included a larger group of users. If you want to determine whether or not this is for you, then you need to be sure to speak with a professional before using the Illumask. It’s also important that you do your homework before using the product.

Here’s How The IlluMask Works

There are a few things that you need to know about IlluMask and how it works. It incorporates the use of phototherapy in order to repair the skin. More specifically, research suggests that wavelengths of light are able to stimulate enzymes within the skin which help repair skin and assist in the regeneration process of creating skin cells.

The skin becomes exposed to the infrared light and as a result, it brightens, collagen is stimulated as well as elastin fibers. Elasticity is then increased and your skin begins to tighten up as a result.

One thing you need to understand is that the IlluMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask is not the same as getting a laser skin treatment. Majority of the time, laser treatments are administered by a profession and they typically deliver short bursts of light which are able to destroy skin cells. The destruction of skin cells causes your body to respond and as a result, the production of collagen and skin cells kicks into high gear.

When it comes to the IlluMask, it’s much weaker and is not known to completely destroy skin cells and skin tissue. This works differently and instead of destroying cells, it instead stimulates the cells via light which encourages cells to turnover quicker. The end result is healthier looking skin.

Video Of IlluMask Review

Want to watch a video of Maegen Tintari using the product, check the clip out below.

Buying The IlluMask

Are you looking to purchase the IlluMask? You’re not the only one. There are a number of ways that you can purchase this mask. Many people choose to purchase the IlluMask directly from the company site. There are two different types of IlluMasks which can be purchased. These masks are considered to be disposable as they only last for a run of 30 to 90 treatments. The company behind the masks have purposely made the products using light and disposable materials, making it easier for consumers to dispose of once all treatment sessions have been completed.

Basically, it’s a temporary device that you purchase, can use for a certain amount of time and they the mask must be thrown away. It will stop working eventually and when that happens you must buy a new mask. Taking this approach, the company is able to provide consumers with cheaper products that will not cost them hundreds of dollars. Some feel like this is a marketing strategy put in place which makes it easier for them to sell. I’ll give you a better idea as to what the costs are like now.

The Cost To Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing the IlluMask which is meant for 30 treatments, then the mask is going to cover you $30 on average. It lasts for 30 days then you must purchase a new mask. The company obviously collects $360 from people that like to use the mask daily for the entire year. However, they rather sell $30 masks multiple times than a $360 mask one-time. It’s an easier sell for sure.

Using The Mask

Using the IlluMask is pretty easy. It’s been built to use once a day for about 15 minutes. Consumers literally put the mask on as if they are putting on a pair of sunglasses and they turn it on. Once the IlluMask treatment session is completed, the mask will turn itself off. If you’re looking to try this out, then I suggest you commit to doing so for a full month at a minimum.

Buying On Amazon

There are reviews and masks available on Amazon if you’re looking for third-party reviews from verified buyers. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for there. Give this light treatment mask a shot and see what happens. I suggest reading as many reviews on Amazon as possible but purchasing the product via the company website.

IlluMask Reviews
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