There are so many ingredients on the market today that it’s really difficult to keep track of them all. Many of the ingredients today are used to help prevent aging and the people who search product labels often know what to look for. Most of the people who have put forth the effort to educate themselves to learn industry jargon, ingredient names, and all that stuff know exactly what this ingredient is and what it can do for your skin.

The ingredient is nothing new as it’s been around for years, helping treat many medical conditions that are associated with aging. As a result, lots of skin care companies today have taken things a step further by incorporating the ingredient into their products. The most common reasons that companies include this ingredient in their formulas is to reap the benefits of the many antioxidant properties.

There have been a number of studies on the effectiveness of this product. I’ll spare you the details of those and first cover some historical facts on the ingredient.

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How Did Idebenone Come To Fruition?

Idebenone as created by a pharmaceutical company and they didn’t make it improve your skin. Instead, they made it treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Supposedly it has a positive impact on people’s memory. Interested in learning what makes up idebenone? It’s almost the same chemical makeup of coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant also known as CoQ10, which is used in many products this brand makes. The effects of the ingredient on Alzheimer patients were not as successful as the company had hoped for. However, some pharmaceutical companies are still testing the chemical composition and its impact it has on the neuro system and the diseases associated with it.

Skin companies are now using idebenone to fight off free radicals with the antioxidant present. It’s said this ingredient might actually be safer than the synthetic ingredients some companies manufacture today.

How Does It Affect Your Skin?

As previously mentioned, this is being used by many anti aging companies and incorporated into their formulas for a number of reasons. It all stems from the antioxidant properties which help reduce the presence of wrinkles, even out the aging spots that form as you age and other things.

You probably know that UV rays cause many issues as they cause free radicals form which completely destroys your skin cells. As a result, your collagen production will slow down and elastin will diminish. Your skin will sag, wrinkles will form and your skin will look like a mess. Sorry, I refuse to sugarcoat anything here!

Now it’s said that idebenone might prevent sagging and wrinkles as it fights free radicals and further protects the skin. As you skin begins to get healthier and stronger, your collagen production will increase, as a result it will look tighter, firmer and younger. It’s also possible that incorporating this ingredient into your routine might may help fight inflammation, redness, swelling and more.

Side Effects

With every skin care product and ingredient, there are problems that might come about. Skin creams that contain idebenone may cause your skin to sting, redness, skin irritation and more.

My suggestion is that you definitely test a small area of your skin before applying a product containing idebenone. Every product that contains this ingredient is available for purchase over the counter. Should you choose to use a product containing this and you have some strange outbreaks or skin issues, then I suggest you consult with you doctor or dermatologist immediately. Idebenone creams have caused issues in some but not very many.

Using Idebenone

The best approach is to open your pores by using a facial steamer for about 15 minutes. After you’ve gone through the steaming process, make sure you gently dry your face by patting it.

Once dried, apply the cream to your skin, but take care to not apply too much cream. Just use your fingertips to apply the product, just make sure your hands are clean as well.

Last but not least, be sure to store the idebenone cream in a dark place without direct sunlight exposure. Too much sun exposure will weaken the product, making it less effective.

The Other Consumer Reviews

If you do a quick search online chances are you’re not going to find much about this ingredient. I was able to find a few reviews which have been summarized below.

This review below is of Vasseur Skincare’s Idebenone cream and they are showing a rating of 5.0 but with only 7 reviews. While this isn’t a significant number of people actually reviewing the product, it’s a solid rating regardless.

idebenone cream review

This one shows that only 8 votes led to a 3.6 rating out of 5.0. Now, that might not be the best rating if you’re looking for a sure thing!

idebenone reviews

If you like watching video review instead, then you might want to check out this review on the Priori Cream.

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