Icelandic Skin Care Surpassing The Korean Skin Care Trend


If you’re super into skin care then chances are you’ve jumped on the Korean skin care bandwagon at one point or another. My guess is that you’ve indulged in some of these trends at one point or another and I can’t seem to blame you one bit. If you’re keeping up with the industry news and trends then you know that Iceland is becoming the most popular country in terms of skin care this year. Many believe that it’s the answer to achieving young-looking skin.

Sure, the Korean skin care trends are here to stay and they’re not moving over anytime soon but Iceland is giving it a real run for their money. Forget about all the Korean cleansers, masks, creams, and toner that for the time being. Let’s shift our focus to Iceland.

Icelandic Skin Care

Icelandic Skin Care Might Be Your Answer To Young Skin

Due to the harsh climate and whether in Iceland, many would think that this country wouldn’t be the center of attention. However, it’s due to those harsh conditions that they’ve earned the spotlight. Women living in those conditions have to do everything in their power to keep their skin well hydrated and protected from harsh weather as well as excessively dry conditions.

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Many major skin care brands are turning to local Icelandic women for their advice. They’re also utilizing the natural resources available in that region in hopes of creating a product that helps keep your skin looking better than ever. They’re using resources such as seaweed, marine enzymes, plants, water, and other types of things.

Popular Icelandic skin care companies already exist in the region, such as Taramar which incorporates organic seaweed grown in the region. Some companies are even going as far as using Icelandic kelp and cloudberry as well as buckthorn. They are infusing these ingredients into their products because they’re able to survive within harsh climates and weather.

One of the major companies in the limelight in Iceland seems to be focusing on a skin care ingredient known as epidermal growth factor aka EGF. The company BIOEFFECT grows EGF and incorporates it into their skin creams and serums. If you’re looking to try out a product that contains EGF, then I suggest getting this one. Let us know how you like it. We’ve received lots of great feedback from users over the past few months.

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The concept behind Icelandic skin care companies isquite simple. They choose to utilize natural resources such as water, minerals, and local ingredients. They incorporate these elements into the science and research to create products which help sustaing and maybe even reverse the aging process. If I were you, I’d keep a close eye on these companies and the products that they produce! Korean skin care companies better look out, Icelandic companies are coming for you!

Have you attempted to try any of these skin care brands from Iceland? If so, then we’d love to hear your opinion on them. Yes, we’ll give back should you decide to share some information with us. We’re always willing to give people free skin care products for their personal opinion on them. Assuming that you like free stuff and that you take good care of your skin, then this opportunity is definitely a win-win situation!

Icelandic Skin Care Surpassing The Korean Skin Care Trend
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