Ice, Ice, Baby…For Better Skin? You Better Believe It!


I never really thought of how powerful ice could be for your skin. Turns out that ice is one of the best things for your skin and it doesn’t get any more natural than that. It’s relatively accessible and healthy if you use it for skin care treatment versus eating or drinking.

It’s also really inexpensive and can be one of the cheap skin savers on the market. If you decide to incorporate ice into your skin care regimen, you’ll find that your skin will look a heck of a lot better than it does when excluding it from your routine.

frozen bucket of ice

Ways Ice Can Improve Your Skin

Frozen water is inexpensive, easy to attain and it’s a great for your skin. Here are over a half dozen ways that incorporating it into your skin routine can help improve your complexion.

Tone and Shrink

It’s not uncommon for people to use ice in order to tone their skin. In fact, it’s one of the best methods of shrinking pore size. The cold temperature helps reduce pore size and that alone can make a huge difference in your complexion. It’s considered to be one of the treatments.

Pimple Destroyer

Some people swear that frozen water can effectively help you reduce the size of pimples. In the event that you have a significant amount of redness from those pesky pimples, then this frozen treat might do the trick.

Sunburn Relief

When you get a really bad sunburn, it can really do a number on your skin. The heat and pain can often be difficult to rid your body of. Most people try to use aloe vera gel to help reduce the pain of a sunburn. However, they should also think about applying ice to the sunburn. It provides instant relief when you do so.

Rash Relief

It’s not uncommon for rashes to appear when your skin is lacking the hydration that it needs. Rubbing it on your rash can certainly help make you feel better. However, you must be careful here and make sure that you do not cause another rash to appear due to the severity of the cold temperature. Just use it with caution.

Tighten Skin

The cold from the frozen water can help tighten you skin. It’s one of the least expensive methods of tightening your skin and it’s a really quick fix. Forget about the botox and go for the ice treatment instead.

Better Complexion

I know a few people that swear by this method. Do yourself a favor and freeze some orange juice. As you rub the frozen orange juice on your face, you’ll notice that your skin will begin to feel well hydrated.  The vitamin C in the orange juice helps reduce any tan in your skin, which will leave your skin glowing.

Take some time this weekend to begin incorporating ice into your daily or weekly skin care routine. You’ve literally got no excuse to use when it comes to taking action here. It’s the most natural thing you can do for your skin. Start fall the right way.

Ice, Ice, Baby…For Better Skin? You Better Believe It!
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