I Destroyed My Skin In Miami This Weekend


I’m not going to lie to you, I overdid it this weekend. As far as consumption is concerned in all aspects, I’ve done too much. As you know, too much of anything is a bad thing. I spent a decent amount of my time out in sunny South Florida, enjoying the weather, the beach, and most importantly, the company. While I love having friends and family come visit me in Miami, it almost always leads to “overdoing it” in just about every aspect you can think of. Probably the biggest area in which I personally got carried away was the food.

We ate TONS of bad food.

Bad Foods For Skin

It’s fine and not really an issue in the short term, but when it becomes a recurring issue, the impact is noticeable.

Instead of sitting here and typing this post stating that you should never do the things that I’m about to share, I’m instead going to suggest that you only indulge every so often and keep it to a minimum. Here are a list of foods and other things that are bad for your skin. Do your best to avoid them for the most part but you don’t have to do so at all times, just most of the time.

Foods You Must Avoid If You Want Better Skin

This weekend I made a couple of stops at the local ice cream shop on 8th street. It’s called Azucar and it’s by far the best ice cream in Miami. I love ice cream, but I tend to go overboard when I indulge. For example, everyone that I was with went for the basic one scoop in a bowl. I had to have three scoops of the highest calorie ice cream on the menu. It likely did a number on my waistline and skin. Ice cream contains dairy and consuming too much dairy often leads to inflammation issues and hormonal imbalances. As a result, adult acne typically develops. If you want to avoid developing acne, then do yourself a solid and stay away from the ice cream.

Another type of food that I overdid it with this weekend was caffeine. Red bulls, Cuban coffee, diet sodas and more. I did it all this weekend. The problem is that I had too much caffeine and as a result, my skin likely did not receive the oxygen that it needed. This is part of the reason why I likely look dull on this fine Monday. Another thing that too much caffeine did was likely cause dehydrated skin.

I overdid it with regards to another food this weekend as well. I consumed too much fruit juice which caused issues with further skin dehydration, making my skin look older than it really is. It’s fine to have some juice from time to time, but if you’re drinking juice heavy alcoholic beverages, then you’re bound to destroy your skin for sure.

Next on the list is spicy and salty food. There’s no doubt about it, salty and spicy food will definitely cause bad skin to develop. If you’re the type that easily develops acne or oily skin, then stay away from too much salt. I was with some friends this weekend who wanted to dive into some margaritas down at The Wharf. While they were delicious, the salt from the food and drinks likely will impact all of our skin. The good news is that we don’t indulge like that on a daily basis. If we did, we would all look decades older than our actual age.

Basically, we ate too much, drank too much, and spent too much time in the sun. Thankfully, the party is over and Monday’s are for getting back to work. It was fun while it lasted but I love Monday’s far more than I love the sun and food.

Back to the grind!

I Destroyed My Skin In Miami This Weekend
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