Hugh Jackman Has Skin Cancer Removed From Nose (Again)!


I hate having to report on these types of current events but it’s something that I almost feel obligated to do. Not to further expose the personal issues of anyone but to help them spread awareness, essentially doing my part for the greater good. That said, I’m here to share some news about Hugh Jackman and his battle with skin cancer. I first reported something on this here awhile back. Now, I’ve unfortunately got to do the same to keep our readers informed.

Hugh Jackman Skin Cancer Once Again
Credit: Instagram @thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman Treated For Skin Cancer Again!

The famous Wolverine and X-Men actor is once again beginning his fight against skin cancer. The news went public on Monday, Feb 13th when Hugh Jackman posted something about it on Twitter.

He shared the news with the world by posting a photo of himself wearing a bandage on his nose. The specific report stated, “Another basal cell carcinoma.”

The response that his Twitter followers sent were nothing but encouraging and positive, wishing him the best of luck in his recovery. Mr. Jackman is a huge advocate for protecting your skin from the sun. He’s always sharing his thoughts on wearing sunscreen and how crucially important it is to protect your skin. After everything he’s been through, I can’t say that I blame him. Luckily for Hugh Jackman, he likely has excellent doctors and medical physicians that can help him get through this battle once again.

Hugh Jackman has had skin cancer on six different occasions in the past and had something removed from his nose back in 2013.

Twitter wasn’t the only social platform he used to spread the word. He took to Instagram encouraging that people get checked out and use sunscreen daily! If the Wolverine and X-Men movie star can get cancer, then any single one of us is at risk of getting it. Be wise and take precautions!

Hugh Jackman Has Skin Cancer Removed From Nose (Again)!
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