HSN Cuts Ties To Dr. Sevinor Skincare Solutions Over Crack Cocaine


So many people sit around all day long watching the HSN, also known as the Home Shopping Network. This huge television network showcases some of the most popular brands and products. They’re famous for showcasing the Miracle Mop. If you tell me you’re not familiar with what that is then you must not have a television.

dr. sheldon sevinor crack arrest
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HSN Network Drops Dr. Sheldon Sevinor Over Crack

If you watch the Home Shopping Network or if you visit their website, chances are you’ve seen Dr. Sheldon Sevinor. He’s a well-known doctor that spends lots of time on a show like “The View” and “Good Morning America.” He’s even appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Now, that speaks volumes for anyone, especially a licensed plastic surgeon that has his own skin care solutions line.

He’s most notably recognized for his Wrinkle Solution Cream and Serum. Well, that notoriety is about to shift dramatically after what he was caught doing. Dr. Sheldon Sevinor was recently arrested for purchasing crack cocaine. According to a recent publication, the famous doctor was arrested in the Boston, MA area. Supposedly he was trying to purchase two crack rocks from a “drug dealer” in the local area. This drug deal was supposedly well-known by local officers.

I’m not sharing this information just because he got arrested for drug abuse. While it’s rather concerning that a plastic surgeon possibly spends their time off-duty recreationally smoking crack, that’s not why I’m publishing this article. I’m actually publishing the news because I want you to understand how important someone’s reputation is within this industry. It’s difficult to maintain a positive reputation in any industry if you’re doing things that are illegal or acceptable to society. Whether you’re smoking crack or doing crystal meth, it’s just not ever a good thing.

With all the terrible products offering nothing but false promises and shattering hopes, it goes without saying that a reputation counts in this space. Dr. Sheldon Sevinor is, of course, innocent until proven guilty based on our judicial system. However, it’s safe to say that many people will be steering clear of his skin care solutions.

dr. sheldon sevinor
Screenshot from HSN.com of Dr. Sevinor’s page on the site.

To briefly touch upon some of the products, here’s a screenshot of Dr. Sevinor’s page on the Home Shopping Network. His page and products have since been removed and now that I see the product ratings, they probably should have removed them a long time ago. When a product gets a 2.5 out of 5.0 stars, it’s safe to say it’s not a big winner.

Here’s a video of Dr. Sevinor featured on the HSN channel sharing information on his products.

Whether you’re a consumer or a plastic surgeon that’s featured on HSN or other networks, or if you have your own practice and/or beauty products, do yourself a huge favor, stay far away from any crack dealers. They aren’t going to help you accomplish anything in life. In fact, avoiding them could save your life, your image, reputation, and your overall brand. You’re welcome for the advice! Don’t mention it!

HSN Cuts Ties To Dr. Sevinor Skincare Solutions Over Crack Cocaine
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