How Well Are Your Skin Products Working? There’s An App For That…


Chances are you’re already married to your phone, so why not make even better use of it. Yes, I’m referring to your skin. While you might not need some silly iPhone app to tell you that you’ve got a huge zit, you might be interested in learning that an app can tell you.

It’s no surprise that people spend thousands on “looking good.” They’ll go all out in search for the most secretive and exclusive product out there to improve their complexion. Some will spend so much on skin products that they could fly to Hawaii for what that cream has cost them.

youcam makeup app
Screenshot of what the YouCam Makeup App Looks Like

You buy a product, apply it and you observe. You observe some more and then the next day you observe once again. You’re putting an absurd amount of time applying and observing. So much that after all is said and done, you’ve most likely forgotten whether or not it really helped. I’m not talking about that ugly red crater on your forehead, I’m talking about the subtle changes. You’re not even noticing whether your skin texture is really improving or if your entire routine is working as it should.

I’ve got some great news for you, there’s an app that tracks all that for you! The app that helps you better track all these changes is called the YouCam Makeup app. Even better news, the app couldn’t get any easier to use. With the snap of a selfie, the YouCam Makeup app identifies specific areas of your face. It denotes areas that have wrinkles, abnormal texture, dark circles, and unwanted spots.

What it does is log your skin health score on a daily basis. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’ve got this dark thought in your head that this app is out to shame people harder than that infamous Game of Thrones scene.

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Not a chance! Instead, it’s simply a smart (pun intended) way to track the progress your skin is making daily. Think about it for a second. When has it even been so easy and requires so little time daily to evaluate your skin? NEVER.

If you’re a skin care product junkie that buys everything under the sun or if you’ve been using the same products for years in “maintenance mode” then maybe it’s time to evaluate and tweak things.

There’s a trick to using the app to get the best results. You’ll need to take the selfie in the same lighting and spot daily. This makes sense given that external factors can throw everything off.

The numbers that you see on the app are the scores that you’ve received for the day or days you’ve been tracking. You are scored against the skin health of others. If you’re looking to better evaluate things and make some product use adjustments, why not measure more accurately by using this app. The YouCam Makeup app can be downloaded and used by simply visiting the iTunes Store or the Google Store.

Not so sure about incorporating technology into your better skin endeavors? Well, then you need to read up on all the things that companies are doing to advance from a technological perspective. As technology changes, the industry will follow. Don’t be left behind.

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How Well Are Your Skin Products Working? There’s An App For That…
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