How To Save Your Skin From Workouts At The Gym


Looking and feeling good is hard. It’s not easy to keep your mind, body, and skin looking and feeling fantastic. One thing I always make count are my workouts in the gym. Quite frankly, without them, I’d be completely lost. I’m sure I don’t stand alone when I say that I care deeply about keeping my body and skin in perfect working condition. Without workouts, I’d truly be lost.

That said, I’m bound to sweat it out almost daily. Although this keeps my mind and body in check, it can wreak havoc on my skin. Sweating can cause redness, irritation, clogging of pores and even the onset of acne. This holds especially true when you’re not caring for your skin post workout. Letting sweat build up and cake on your face is a huge no-no.

The biggest problem is…most people out there don’t care like they should.

If you don’t shower almost immediately after working out, you are literally covered in bacteria and sitting in it until you decide to “clean it up!”

The smallest thing you can do is wash your face and remove the sweat to prevent clogging. Here are some simple tips to take into consideration if you want to prevent breakouts from occurring.

save skin during workouts

Tips For Fighting Skin Issues During Workouts

Here’s what you need to know before a workout takes place. The biggest concern for women is working out wearing makeup. I cannot stress just how bad this is for your skin. Whether you’re hitting a yoga sweat sesh or a boot camp class, you’ve got to lose the makeup. The worst combination possible is makeup, dead skin, bacteria, and sweat. It’s a surefire way to develop acne.

My suggestion would be to use a facial oil to remove the makeup or pick up some of those convenient makeup removers wipes before hitting the gym. This should help cut down on the issues that you’re having.

Now, just as important is what you do after your workout. I don’t care what you have going on or planned. Whatever you do, you must wash your face before leaving your workout. Every gym has a bathroom where you can wash your face. There is literally no excuse for not doing so. This is rule number one when it comes to caring for your skin.

Should you choose to not wash your face here’s what happens. You end up with a myriad of elements caked on your face, creating quite possibly the dirtiest and most clog welcoming condition possible. If there are no sinks, then bring one of those disposable cleansing wipes to get the process started.

Now for some face washing pointers to consider after those crazy workouts…

The first thing you’ll want to consider is “working in” the use of a cleanser that’s gentle on your skin. Don’t work in any harsh cleansers that contain ingredients like laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl because they’re going to dry your skin out big time. Find something that’s more gentle that contains lavender extracts in order to create a nice environment for your skin.

Keep in mind the temperature of the water that you use. I strongly suggest using a lukewarm to cool temperature. You don’t want it freezing cold, that’s for sure.

Now one thing that you’ll want to avoid is taking a paper towel or towel and harshly drying your skin. This isn’t going to help with anything at all. You want to gently pat your face dry versus rubbing it hard.

Don’t be afraid to apply your favorite facial serum to your skin after a workout either. I’m sure you have a go-to product, but in the event that you do not, we’ve got a few that we endorse and support. Check out the SkinPro line on Amazon for all your skin care needs. Facial serums will help reduce inflammation and treat skin that needs to be treated.

Well, those are some of the simple skin tips that can help keep your skin looking great during and after your workouts!

How To Save Your Skin From Workouts At The Gym
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