How To Remove Moles and Skin Tags

There are some things that are considered to be unsightly today. For those dealing with moles and skin tags, this article is for you. Many people live with these unattractive moles and skin tags that prevent them from feeling comfortable about their bodies. There are plenty of treatment methods that anyone dealing with these issues can look into. The good news is that most of the treatments are non-invasive, inexpensive, and even quick to recover from.

remove-moles-and-skin-tagsEverything You Must Know About Removing Moles and Skin Tags

There are more than a dozen ways to safely remove a mole or skin tag from your body. Now, I’m not suggesting that you start researching and prepare yourself for surgery at home. That would be insane! However, if you’re tired of dealing with some unwanted skin tags or moles then you might want to take a few of the techniques below into consideration.

Let’s start with step one, being able to identify a mole or skin tag.

What is a mole? – A mole is a blemish on your skin that is quite often small and somewhat raised on your skin. It’s a mark that looks darker than your typical pigmentation and contains a high concentration of melanin. Another name for a mole is a beauty spot or birth mark.

What is a skin tag? – A skin tag is simply a growth that sticks out of your skin. It’s typically quite narrow and is normally painless and harmless. Many people often develop these growths on regions of their body such as their neck, chest, eyelids and many other places. It’s more common for these growths to develop in older individuals versus younger children.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what these two things are, it’s time for you to learn how to get rid of them. The first thing I want to mention is how important it is that you not do anything without consulting with your physician. It’s possible that your doctor will likely approve the treatments but better safe than sorry!

The most common question asked with regards to removing moles isn’t what you think. Lots of people ask “What’s the best method?” but even more people ask “How much does it cost to get a mole removed?” The answer to that question is simple but it really depends on the approach you take to remove the mole. Now, if you’re thinking of trying some at-home removal method, then it’s going to cost you the time you put into the treatment as well as any ingredients that you purchase to do so.

Should you prefer to take the more professional route, getting a mole removed is likely going to cost you between $100 and $500 for each more. The cost varies widely depending on the size of the mole, location, shape, and other cost contributing factors. If you’re looking for specifics, then you’ll want to reach out to your doctor or dermatologist for the specifics.

Since many choose to take the at-home approach, I’ll kick things off by covering some of the DIY mole removal options. Please note, I cannot guarantee that these methods will work. However, if you put forth the effort you’re likely bound to find some form of treatment that plays in your favor.

DIY Mole Removal Treatments

If you’re looking to get rid of moles on your body, then you might contemplate starting here. The DIY mole removal process can be an inexpensive option for those looking to quietly and discreetly take care of the issue. Some home remedies are tried and true but knowing which is going to work is tough. The only real way to find out is to educate yourself on the various DIY treatments and give them a shot. I’ve covered the most popular do-it-yourself mole removal treatments below so take some notes on each and investigate those you’re interested in trying.

Garlic – The main reason why garlic is used to treat moles is due to it containing enzymes. These enzymes help break the cells down that cause moles to form. Additionally, it can help lighten the pigmentation in the moles. This process basically requires you to use garlic cloves, petroleum jelly, and most masking tape. You’ll need to apply the jelly, then the crushed garlic clove, then cover it with a bandage. Keep it on your skin for five hours, remove it and repeat daily for about a week.

Dandelion Root – This method is tricky given there’s no science to back it up, but it’s worth mentioning. The milky resin within the dandelion root is said to be able to remove moles. All you need to do is apply the sap from the root a few times a day.

Sour Apple Juice – You guessed it, the acid within the sour apple juice is what makes this work so well. Sour apple juice can safely help dissolve a mole, it’s just an exhausting process. You’ll need to repeat the process four times daily. The process requires you to crush sour apples to extract the juice, apply it to a cotton ball, apply that to the mole cover it for a few hours; rinse and repeat.

Banana Peel – The banana peel trick is pretty common for those suffering from plantar warts. It’s also a go to solution for those looking to get rid of an unwanted mole. The reason this works is due to the antioxidants in the banana peel. They work well to fight off free radicals and help prevent any pigmentation issues. You want to use a peel that’s not ripe. The less ripe the better.

Pineapple Juice – Many people choose pineapple juice because it doesn’t smell bad like some of the other DIY mole treatments. This works because of the citric acid and the enzymes within the juice. They both lighten the pigmentation, essentially getting rid of the mole entirely.

Flaxseed Oil – I’m a huge fan of flax seed oil as it has so many good properties. It’s great for removing moles because it contains all that omega oil. This helps protect the cells. This treatment only takes a few minutes. You’ll need flax seed powder, honey, and flax oil. mix them all together and create a paste. Apply the paste to the mole for a few minutes. Repeat the process a few times each day.

Aloe Vera – Lots of people apply aloe vera gel to their moles in order to remove them completely. The first application is going to help in reducing the pigmentation. As the acidic property of the aloe vera takes over, it will slowly help get rid of the mole. Simply apply the aloe vera to the mole a few times a day. Side note, aloe vera is great for your skin in general (find out more here).

Apple Cider Vinegar – This might be the most popular method as it’s considered to be most effective I think. ACV is used to remove warts, skin tags, moles and all sorts of other things. It’s due to the acids that it contains. The most popular method is using warm water, an emery board, and some apple cider vinegar. It’s a simple process that involves using water and an emery board to rub the mole. The next step is to apply the apple cider vinegar until the mole turns white. Let the ACV sit on the mole for some time until it completely dries out. Repeat the process daily a couple of times.

How Do Doctors Remove Moles?

Doctors have a much different way of approaching the mole and skin tag situation. They’re not going to waste their time applying apple cider vinegar and banana peels to your skin. Quite frankly, they don’t have time for that. Instead, they typically take one of two approaches to remove the moles.

Most doctors will attempt to shave the mole off until it’s flush with the normal skin. However, this technique isn’t also possible given that some moles are deep. When a mole has cells that are underneath the skin, the doctor most likely has to cut underneath the mole and remove a chunk of the skin to prevent it from growing back. In short, the two main ways that doctors remove moles is by excision or shaving.

Removing Skin Tags

There are lots of ways and methods to remove skin tags. There are some people that opt for a skin tag removal kit. Others may wish to try applying essential oils. Some people prefer to cut them off, freeze them via liquid nitrogen, or even burn them off. The level of success really depends on the method you prefer to try out. I’ll do my best to briefly cover the methods.

Chemical Peels – Lots of people try to remove skin tags using chemical peels. The peels are pricey but they do work. You’ll need to apply Trichloroacetic Acid to your skin multiple times over the course of several days to successfully remove the skin tag. You’ll find that the Trichloroacetic Acid peels are typically 80% concentration which makes them pretty powerful. However, some don’t like using chemical peels to remove skin tags. Instead, they prefer essential oils.

Essential Oils – The use of essential oils in order to remove skin tags is very common. It’s a proven natural treatment that works. The most popular essential oil used for this is tea tree oil. However, some do prefer using oregano oil, castor oil, and even frankincense oil.

Freeze Them Off – Just like warts, skin tags can be frozen off. There are kits available that involve the use of liquid nitrogen which limits the blood supply and eventually causes the skin tag to die. Don’t be alarmed if it starts to change color. This is pretty normal. One of the popular choices out there today is the Compound W Freeze Off. It’s safe to use on skin tags so give it a shot.

Dental Floss – I know how creepy it sounds but restricting the blood flow and oxygen from the skin tag can help kill it. Basically, it’s a technique called ligation that can be done with dental floss. Your best bet is to ask a professional to help you with this or someone that’s had experience doing so. It’ll take about four days but by then, the skin tag should be black. A week later, it will fall off.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Some people simply apply apple cider vinegar to their skin in order to break down the cells within the skin tag. You’ll need to apply the ACV a few times daily for best results. This works for many people.

Scissors – I do not recommend taking this route but some people cut their skin tags off. This can cause big problems if you do it incorrectly. Many people have developed bad infections from this method. My advice would be to completely avoid this method.

What Helps Remove Moles and Skin Tags Best?

skinpro mole and skin tag removerWell, there are plenty of options out there but if I had to recommend a product to purchase, I’d say the best option would be the SkinPro Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector. There’s likely a reason why it’s the number one new release onĀ Amazon these days. My advice is to give this one a shot.

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How To Remove Moles and Skin Tags
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