How To Look Younger Than Your Age

I don’t care what age or gender you are, there’s a good chance that you’d love to look younger than your actual age. Looking younger than your age isn’t impossible. In fact, some of the age illusionistic techniques are super simple and effective. However, like anything else in life, you’re going to need to put in some effort if you want to look younger.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that exists yet. There’s nothing on the market the dramatically reverses your aging. For the most part, it’s a combination of actions that people take on a consistent basis. I’ll cover a few of the ways that many people do their best to knock years off their appearance.

how to look youngerLook Younger Than Your Age With These Techniques

Start With Your Mindset
The first thing that you’ll want to start with is your mind. I know it sounds counterproductive given that it’s not visible in terms of physical appearance but it matters. Your mindset is a huge factor when it comes to looking and feeling younger. As we know, aging occurs at a cellular level and repairing that cellular damage gets harder the older that we get. I urge you to decide and commit to skin care on a daily basis to prolong your life and beauty. Mind over matter is a huge part of progressing in this world. That certainly applies to your looks as well.

Move Your Body
Want to look younger? Then you better plan on working in some exercise regimen. As we get older, our bodies deteriorate and our muscles get weaker. I’ll never forget what one of my college professors said to the class one day. He mentioned that we were not created to remain stagnant. Our bodies weren’t built for standing still. They are constructed to help us move around and stay active. He was 70 years old and worked out every single day. He looked like he was 50 years old. Incorporating a physical fitness regimen into your daily routine is crucial if you want to look younger. A good workout has many benefits.

Incorporating aerobic exercises into your routine will help increase your circulation and strengthen your most import muscle, the heart. This type of exercise has also been known to help reduce stress, anxiety and ultimately reduce your weight.

If you prefer to incorporate weight training into your routine then you’re in luck because that too can help keep you looking younger than your actual age. A by-product of lifting weights is increased muscle mass. Lifting weights help¬†turn up your metabolism which definitely helps keep a nice figure.

There are other physical activities that you can do in order to stay young looking. I suggest incorporating a game of golf, tennis, basketball and skiing. These are all activities that require your body and mind to work harder than usual. Whatever you decide to do, I suggest that you simply do something!

Eat Healthy
People that eat healthy foods look much younger than those that eat poor quality foods. Food plays a huge role in aging given that it’s something that we are all subject to doing if we want to survive. Eating properly can prevent diseases, improve our skin and overall body. Quite frankly, it just feels great. When you consume good foods, you ingest valuable vitamins that your body craves and needs to stay young looking. Vitamin A, C, E and others are all known to protect your skin, thus helping you stay young looking. Keep processed foods to a minimum and cut out the sugars.

Sleep More
Not getting enough sleep can literally shave years off your life. Sleep deprivation is a killer and it can make you look terrible. Not getting enough sleep often results in eye bags as well as tired-looking skin. Doing this on a regular basis will age you like crazy. Remember, you only have one body and you have to treat it as such. Not getting a minimum of six hours of sleep per night can result in weakened immune systems, infections, diseases, weight gain and poor mental function.

If you want to look younger then you should shoot for a solid 8 hours of sleep each night. If you are not getting enough sleep due to variable conditions that you’re dealing with, then make necessary changes. If you sleep with an animal and it’s keeping you up then kick it out of bed. Do whatever it takes to keep you looking young.

Do Yoga
Have you even been to a yoga studio? Notice how relaxed and calm everyone is in the class? It’s peaceful and a stress reliever that can literally shave years off people. Stress ages us faster than you can imagine. The deep breathing and stretching that occurs in yoga can increase your flexibility and calm your mind. Both are important for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Keep A Bright Smile
Most people don’t take good care of their teeth. They think that it’s inevitable that their teeth will eventually get bad. Well, I don’t believe that. Keeping your teeth healthy and free from gum disease is huge. Bad teeth and gum disease can lead to heart and lung issues. Not to mention the impact that yellow or missing teeth can have. It can really make you look old. That said, brush your teeth two to three times per day and be sure to floss too. You can even whiten your teeth using strips and toothpaste¬†with whitening ingredients.

Protect Your Skin From Sun
UV rays are terrible for you and avoiding them should be one of your main skin care priorities. Exposing yourself to the sun can drastically increase the production of free radicals which are known to damage your cells and break down collagen. Incorporating a sunscreen that protects your skin from UV rays is a must.

It’s also important that you invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB rays protection.

Don’t Smoke Or Drink Alcohol
Smoking and drinking are both horrible for your body. If you can avoid doing both of these activities then you’ll be better off. Booze can destroy your body, skin and brain. Smoking can make you look like a leather handbag not to mention the disgusting smell that goes along with smoking. Overindulging is a killer and it will catch up to you eventually.

Use Your Brain
If you want to look and feel younger then you need to keep your brain healthy. The only way to do that is to treat it well. That means don’t take drugs or substances that alter your mind. You also need to make sure you’re working out your mind on a daily basis. Pick up a book, hold intelligent conversations with people.

These tips should help you construct a simple road map for looking younger. Implementing only a few of these alone should help you look younger. Make no mistake, the idea is to incorporate each one of them!

How To Look Younger Than Your Age
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