How To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine


I’m a huge fan of essential oils, so much that I’ve been researching them like crazy lately. Why? Well, I firmly believe that these oils may have many of the answers to achieving a clearer complexion. They smell great, supercharge your skin, and can make you look and feel like a star. No lie! While I’ve covered some of the best essential oils right here, you’ll want to keep reading this post to learn how to incorporate these amazing essential oils into your daily and weekly routines.

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Best Ways To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Routines

Here’s a quick list of tips and tricks if you’re looking to work these types of oils into your skin regimen. I’ve been doing some of these things myself and suggest you simply take action if you want to reap the rewards.

I’ll kick things off with perhaps the most popular and well-respected essential oils on the planet. I’m talking about tea tree oil! If you’re dealing with acne issues, then this essential oil is the answer. My advice would be to start by spot treating some of your acne blemishes with this oil. Acne causes bacteria and tea tree oil is an antibacterial as well as an anti-inflammatory. As bacteria builds up, acne forms.

Another essential oil that you might consider working into your routine is jojoba oil. If you’re looking to boost moisture levels, then you might want to add jojoba oil to your favorite moisturizer. People all across the country are using this oil and they’re doing it correctly by adding it to a carrier oil or cream. Don’t try and apply this without diluting it appropriately.

Next on the list for essential oils comes from the grapefruit. Did you know that grapefruit oil is capable of making that oil build up go away? This oil is known for being able to prevent bacteria buildup, fight off stress, increase your mood, and even detox your skin. If you’re battling skin toxin build up, then incorporating this into your daily routine is the way to go.

Another super popular oil is the lavender oil. It’s one of the best essential oils for those dealing with sensitive skin issues. Simply applying this to your acne prone skin can help reduce inflammation and calm the skin. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s a staple product across all spas in America. Reducing inflammation can really help with a lot of things, ultimately reducing the chances of acne and other blemishes forming.

If you’re going to attempt to work on boosting your moisture levels as well as your hydration levels, then you might think about doing so with rose oil. This essential oil is incredible if you wish to calm your skin, reduce redness, and improve your skin overall. It’s great if you’re dealing with sensitive skin issues for sure. Rose oil is an astringent and antiseptic, which means it is wonderful for your acne covered skin.

This oil is great if you’re dealing with scarring issues. I’m talking about bergamot! It’s a pure essential oil that can help consumers really help boost your skin and fix the tone of it should you be dealing with uneven skin tone issues. You can apply this to your skin or even consume it in a deliciously warm tea.

Last on the list is the one and only chamomile oil. This is a great essential oil that many use daily to fight off their rosacea issues. It’s perhaps the strongest anti-inflammatory oil on the market and has amazing properties which can help fight off redness issues as well as inflammation, which is often associated with rosacea. You can add this essential oil to your cleanser or simply apply it after your skin is clean using a carrier oil of your choice.

Now, if you have any other essential oils that you use daily or weekly to keep your skin clean and clear, then we want to hear about them! Please reach out to us and share the details!

How To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine
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