How To Get Rid Of Freckles

On some people, a few freckles scattered here and there can be sexy. Some people are actually attracted to people sporting these marks. But most time, freckles are really nothing more than an annoying mark(s) that people just want to get rid of for good. Those that have them, often have acquired them in abundance. They are typically looking for various ways in which they can get rid of them.

Many times, freckles can be covered by concealer, foundation, and powder, but some people with freckles are often looking for a more permanent solution. Taking modern medicine into consideration, I’m providing you with an explanation as to what they are, what causes them to pop up and recommendations for removing them.

Keep reading because I’ve done my research and on everything down to the physiology of the freckle and ways to completely remove them.


All About Freckles – Definition / Causes

I’ll kick things off with a simple definition of what a freckle is. A freckle is a dark, irregularly shaped spot on the skin. These spots have melanocytes (the skin cells that produce melanin – the pigment of the skin) that overproduce melanin granules which ultimately affect the color of the outer layer of your skin. This means that the freckles typically are tan/dark tan/brown in color.

It’s important to understand that freckles are flat spots on the skin which do not feel any different than the rest. They are flush and cannot be felt at all when feeling your skin. These can appear on any part of the body but are most pronounced in areas which are commonly exposed to direct sunlight. They are more common in people with light skin color, especially on the face, shoulders, and arms. It’s rare to see freckles on African Americans and other individuals with darker complexions. Not impossible though.

These blemishes or marks appear where most direct sunlight exposure occurs and the sprouting is often caused by exposure to IV-B radiation. This is what can activate the production of melanin. If you’ve never had a freckle, then don’t think for a second that you’re in the clear. They can arise at any point in time and on anyone.

Types Of Freckles

Freckles are not something that we develop by chance. They are not something that we typically have at birth. However, it is more likely for young kids to have freckles, and even more likely for teens going through puberty or those in their early adult stages to start developing freckles.

It’s important that you realize that this is not a skin disorder. They don’t hurt. They are not dangerous, and they are simply a cosmetics issue. As far as the different types go, there are two types of freckles which can develop e.g. lentigo and ephelis. If you want to find a solution to your freckle problem, then you need to know what kind you’re are dealing with.

The lentigo freckle is a small darker spot on the skin caused by sun exposure. Lentigo is also known as a “sunburn freckle” and is more often found in older people. Think of the movie “Something About Mary,” where that old lady was tanning all day long. I bet she has lentigo for sure!

The ephelis is a freckle that develops in people with light colored skin, red hair and light-colored eyes. Most times, freckles run in the family, and they become more pronounced with increased exposure to the sun. Yes, they appear almost always on the face. In many families where red hair and light eyes are predominant, freckles are a common theme.

How To Get Rid Of Them

Since freckles are painless and are not connected to any type of skin or other medical disorder, the main issue with them is cosmetics. That said, there are several treatment options available to those looking to take action right now.

Natural Remedies

Typically speaking, the least invasive treatments are the ones that are most natural. Most ingredients for these natural remedies are found in the kitchen. You know what I’m talking about…lemon juice, honey and sugar/salt scrub, aloe vera, and more. The lemon juice has high doses of Vitamin C which helps to brighten the skin. It’s best to only apply to specific areas where you’ve got “freckled skin” several times a day.

Another method is to mix honey with salt or sugar and use the mixture as an exfoliant. This will do two things, one it will help with refreshing, two it will help remove or reduce the presence of freckles. As previously mentioned, Aloe vera is another natural remedy often touted as a miracle plant that has salicylic acid in it. This helps with skin regeneration and freckle elimination. To use it, just break an aloe vera leaf and apply it to your freckles. It’s as simple as that my friend!

Fading Creams

A fading cream can also be used to lighten the appearance of your freckles. This can be purchased at most local drugstores without a prescription. You can get it online on too. There are some more concentrated fading creams that require a prescription from a dermatologist that are used to fade out the more prominent freckles. The main ingredient in the fading cream is hydroquinone, which regulates the production of melanin.

Retinoid Creams

A cream with a base of Vitamin A derived ingredients that help enhance the production of collagen and speed up the regeneration of the skin. That’s exactly what retinoid cream is. It works effectively, helping the skin battle any discoloration issues. Retinoid creams also protect the skin from UV rays, working as a preventive against freckle development. This type of cream can also be purchased at any local drugstore without a prescription. However, here in the United States, the more concentrated versions require a prescription from a practicing dermatologist.

Chemical Peels

Another freckle fighter is the chemical peel. This is a treatment in which chemicals are used for exfoliation purposes. The chemicals are applied to the damaged or freckled skin in peel form. Acids penetrate the skin, removing any skin with freckles or other damage, and they stimulate new, freckle-free skin growth. This is a procedure that typically needs to be administered by a specialist (typically at a spa) and it takes two to three weeks to completely recover from the treatment.

Laser Treatment

With this type of treatment, a laser is used to target the freckled areas on the skin. When the skin is “zapped” by the laser, new, fresh looking, the skin eventually grows that ends up being freckle-free. There are many laser treatments that have very low side effect risks. However, this type of treatment is a specialized and fairly expensive procedure, so be ready to shell out some cash if you opt for it.


A freckle is a skin condition which is typically harmless, but visually unpleasant for some. If you want to get rid of your freckles, then all you need to do is take some action. Once you’ve taken action, then it’s important to maintain your skin via regular upkeep.

How To Get Rid Of Freckles
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