How To Get Rid Of Black Neck

It can be one of the most embarrassing things that you ever have to deal with. I’m talking about having dark spots and areas on your neck. The good news for you, I’m going to teach you how to get rid of a black neck in the most natural way possible. Having so-called “dark neck” is something that seems to be rather common these days.

If you don’t know whether or not you’re a victim to it, then you’ve simply got to check yourself out. Do you have any creases in your skin that are dark? How about dark patches or black spots? What about black lines on your neck? If so, then you’re battling black neck. Let’s talk solutions now…
How To Get Rid Of Black Neck

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Black Neck

First off, I want to say that although this condition can be quite embarrassing, it’s not the end of the world as it’s fixable. Some people have the misconception that “dark neck” areas are caused by uncleanliness. If your skin is fair, then dealing with this problem becomes an even bigger issue. It makes it that much more noticeable which can be damaging to your self-esteem.

The reason most people get this condition is either through sun exposure, aging, skin condition, medication, and even genetics. For example, if you, unfortunately, have to deal with Acanthosis Nigricans (which causes dark underarms), then you may soon begin to develop dark or black skin in certain areas. What often happens is people get this medical condition confused with a black neck. Fear not, Acanthosis Nigricans is not really harmful and it’s definitely not contagious. However, if you haven’t been checked out as of yet, I suggest you get to it. You’ll want to determine the cause before treating any black neck condition.

There are a few crucial yet simple steps that can help you quickly get rid of your black neck…


You’ve got to wash the dirt off your skin. I’d suggest washing your neck on a regular basis and doing so at least as often as you wash your face. Bes sure that you’re using a soap that’s known to help moisturize your skin and do so with a soapy facecloth.


You will want to also exfoliate your skin to help remove those dead skin cells that are dark. They definitely make your skin look extra dark so do your best to remove them routinely. I typically suggest exfoliating your skin two times each week. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some essential oils or even a popular scrub containing salicylic acid or this. Be aggressive but gentle at the same time. You don’t want to damage new skin cells.


Dry skin often looks much darker than usual, especially in the neck area. Be sure to apply a high-quality moisturizer or neck cream for that matter after showering and washing your skin.

Skin Lightening / Brightening

Some people use bleaching creams on a regular basis. They do so to help accelerate the lightening process. I always suggest that people proceed with caution when using these creams. Do your best to stick to natural ingredients.

What Ultimately Causes Black Skin To Form?

Like I said earlier, there are many reasons why people may develop black neck overtime. The specific reason may be one of the following listed below and if you think it is one of them, then seek professional help.

  • Natural aging
  • Obesity
  • Genetics
  • Hereditary factors
  • Diabetes
  • Sun exposure

Lots of people think that bad hygiene is that issue. Most often, that ‘s not the reason but it can be a factor. In the event that you’re having issues with any of the things mentioned above, then tell your physician or dermatologist.

Natural Black Neck Remedies

There are lots of home remedies for those suffering from a black neck. You can start by limiting your exposure to the sun and going through the routine mentioned above. Other than that, you can begin to naturally reduce the darkness of your skin by attempting to do some of the things mentioned below.

Using Aloe Vera

Let’s start with one of my favorite ingredients, aloe! The aloe vera plant is jammed packed with antioxidants to the point that they can naturally help diminish those dark spots that you have on your neck. Not to mention, aloe also helps successfully repair skin cells that have been damaged and can even assist in new cell regeneration.

Using aloe is a piece of cake. Take an aloe plant, just one fo the leaves off of the plant and apply the gel to your skin. Massage the gel into your skin for about 15 minutes then rinse it off. I suggest doing this once per day.

Using Cucumber

Some people like to use cucumber to get rid of dark neck spots. Just like aloe, cucumber helps remove dead cells and repair your skin. It’s also been known to help with the exfoliation process. This one requires a little bit of work but not much. Take some cucumber juice and apply it to your neck. Use it to scrub your neck and then leave the scrub on your black neck for about 20 minutes. Then just rinse off. Pretty simple right!


Some people swear by this ingredient from a natural perspective. Most likely due to the fact that it’s wonderful for exfoliating your skin. The process is simple too. All you need to do is mix ground oats and some tomato pulp until it’s a paste. Simply rub the paste on your neck and leave it on for a period of about 15 minutes. At the 15-minute mark, massage the area with your fingers to help boost the exfoliating process. Wash the paste off. Do this a couple of times each week for best results.

Check out the video below that tells you a little more about dark neck and more home remedies. 

Seek Help When All Else Fails

Ultimately, if none of these DIY remedies work for you, then you need to seek professional help. It’s not uncommon for people to need to put in the extra effort if they have black neck. Don’t be ashamed of it, simply got to your doctor and ask them what your options are!

How To Get Rid Of Black Neck
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