How To Fix Your Patchy Beard Issue


Us guys looking to grow a beard want to do so without any holes in it. Many men out there desire to have a perfect looking beard. When they can’t they have to deal with a patchy beard. If you end up with dealing with this patchy beard issue, then I’ve got some tips for fixing the condition. Below I’ll cover a few things that you should consider doing if you’re looking to fix your beard. But first, let me cover the causes of this beard condition.

Patchy Beard Problems
No, this is not me. But it is a patchy beard, no doubt about that!

Fix A Patchy Beard With These Suggestions

Before I get into things that you can do to fix your patchy beard I want you to have a better understanding of what causes these beards. There are a lot of things that cause facial hair to grow in an uneven manner. For the most part, some of the reasons that people develop a patchy beard are due to diet issues, stress, hormone issues, and even fungal infections. Dental and autoimmune issues can be causes of this condition as well. Last but not least, it could just be your genetics. The thing is, it’s very tough to pinpoint the culprit.

Simple Tips To Grow A Beard Without Patches

These tips are those that you can put in play right away and there is no real order in which you should address these things. That said, I’ll dive right into things here…

Just Grow It

It’s very difficult for some bearded men to let their beard grow freely. They spend a lot of time trimming it but my advice to those doing that is to stop doing so. Let your beard grow free for a month without trimming it at all. Eventually, it may grow out evenly covering the patches.

Creative Trimming

Assuming you’ve gone ahead and tried to grow your patchy beard out, now you can start getting creative with things by trimming your beard. Do so and be sure to incorporate some creative angles to keep the patches covered. Don’t go overboard with the trimming, you’ll end up back at square one if trim too much.

Better Controlling Of Unevenness

Sometimes simply managing the growth and keeping things even can make your beard appear that much better and more full. My simple suggestion would be to either go the short route, keeping it well trimmed and short to minimize that patchy look or keep your beard long enough to completely cover the patches. Regardless of the length you choose, be sure to use beard oil and keep it conditioned best as possible. Speaking of conditioning…

Exfoliate And Oil Up

Not caring for your beard can lead to patches. That’s why you need to begin incorporating products into your everyday routine to keep that patchy beard away. Start with a well-respected beard oil or balm on Amazon. Using a product like this can make a world of a difference.

You will also want to start working in an exfoliant aka exfoliator into your skin to remove the dry and dead skin cells. This will stimulate the skin to start growing quicker and typically as a result, your hair will grow faster as well.

Avoid Growth Products

Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but you might actually be better off avoiding the hair growth products that exist today. The ingredient Minoxidil may not be that great for a patchy beard due to it being such a harsh chemical/ingredient. They can actually cause more harm and damage at times, making your patchy beard even worse.


Keep your diet under wraps and in check if you’re dealing with a patchy beard. Be sure to avoid bad foods and keep eating a healthy balanced diet. On top of that, start taking vitamins that contain C, B, zinc, and iron. Kick your omega-3s up as well.

Well, there you have it. You’ve got all the information that you need in order to grow out those patches.

How To Fix Your Patchy Beard Issue
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