How To Effectively Detox Your Skin (In One Week)


Detoxing your body is important, especially after going hard during a New Year’s Eve bender. However, it’s just as important that you every so often detox your skin too. Some people think that “detoxing” is a fad or trend that’s eventually going to fade away. The thing that most people don’t realize is that your largest organ is your skin, and giving it a good detox from time to time is absolutely crucial.

Everyone has days where they just need a good detox unless you’re perfect which no one I know is. On days when your skin is looking extra gray or dull, those are when you get most depressed about your skin. Instead of getting depressed and upset, get ready to take action! There are a lot of things that you can do to help improve the condition of your skin. If you’re spending too much time sleeping with makeup on, eating junk food, and neglecting your body in general then your skin will be a direct flexion of those activities.

The answer is simple. All you need to do is dedicate a week to do nothing but remove the toxins, dead skin cells and the rest of the impurities from your body. Trust me, a little action can go a long way!

Here are some simple tips to consider when attempting to detox your skin.

How To Detox Your Skin
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Detoxing: How To Detox Your Skin (Made Simple)

While there are lots of things that you can consider doing, one of which you’ll want to start with is the facial. Getting a facial can be relaxing, although parts of it can be painful at times. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to de-stress and clear your pores out. My advice would be to head on over to your local spa and have them do the treatment on your face. It’s the best approach and why I typically do myself.

Next on the list is to start vigorously cleansing your skin twice daily. However, what’s most important about this is that you do so in the manner in which it makes the most sense for you. What I mean here is that it’s imperative that you cleanse your skin the right way, doing so by using an oil cleanser upon waking up if you have dry skin and some type of foam cleanser in the even that’ll hydrate your skin. Assuming you’ve got acne prone skin or oily skin, then you’ll want to kick the morning off with a gel cleanser that is water-based and finish things off in the evening with the same.

You will also want to work in some steam treatments as well. Steam helps ingredients in products better penetrate the pores and remove dirt and grime. The steam from a hot show should help do the trick here. All you need is ten minutes to get this done and your pores will be very grateful, trust me.

Clay masks are all the rage that last couple of years and there are reasons for that. These clay mud masks are known for being able to pull out all the impurities residing in the upper layers of your skin. Using a mask every other day, applying it and removing it once soft but not crackling dry is the best approach.

The next thing you’ll want to do to detox your skin is to apply¬†some hydrating serums. Ingredients in most serums on the market today are vast and they are quite effective to say the least. Hydrating and protecting your skin from environmental factors is a must if you’re trying to detox your skin. Apply serums in the morning followed but sunscreen and a moisturizer of your choice. At night, you’ll want to apply a night cream or night moisturizer which you’ll get to work while you count sheep.

The most important aspect of this skin diet is about to be revealed. I’m suggesting that you detox your skin with lots of water consumption and proper dieting. If you’re eating crappy foods, then I’m sorry but your face is going to look like crap. Detoxing your skin isn’t just about the short term wins but long-term gains that you get from doing so as well. Always remember that putting in the work to detox your skin will make you feel so much better in weeks to come.

How To Effectively Detox Your Skin (In One Week)
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