How South Floridians Can Recover From Post Irma Skin Issues


Dealing with all the hurricane pre and post aftermatch can be really nerve-wracking. South Florida has really taken a beating and has been severely affected by the storm. Many people don’t realize that most of the injuries and issues come after the hurricane has long come and gone. The aftermath is very stressful and whether you realize it or not, it most likely has a negative effect on your skin.

All that stress after the hurricane takes a toll on your mind and body. The good news is that there are ways that you can mitigate or reduce the stress involved. This can help reduce the tension and stress that many south Floridians are dealing with at this time. Here’s everything that you need to know if you want to reduce the amount of damage that your face and body endure after the storm.

post hurricane irma skin recovery
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Post-Hurricane Skin Recovery Tips That You Must Know

The most important thing to understand is that stress is something you must reduce. If you can keep your stress levels at an all-time low after the hurricane, then your skin is going to weather the storm much better. Speaking of stress, here are the ways that it impacts your skin and what you can do to fix things.

Cortisol Levels Rise

When you’re stressed out, your cortisol levels will rise. As a result of increased cortisol levels, your sebum production is bound to increase. That means more oil is produced and glucose levels increase within your circulatory system as well. An increase in glucose and sebum often lead to more acne. As oil production increases, so do the chance of clogging pores. If you want to better control this condition and prevent acne, it might be a good idea to use a cleanser daily that contains salicylic acid. Doing so will help improve your skin and keep your pores clean.

Weakened Barrier

Stress can cause your skin barrier to weaken. As a result, you may develop dry skin, wrinkles, and even acne breakouts. Since your protective barrier helps you hold moisture in as well as keep pollutants out, it’s very important that it remains strong. If not, your body becomes more prone to infection and skin infections can lead to more skin issues.

Boosted Glucose Levels

I briefly touched upon this earlier but boosted glucose levels can be a real pain. It can actually cause a process to occur known as glycation. If you didn’t know, this is one of the main contributors of premature aging. This, unfortunately, can cause the destruction of collagen which is super important in keeping your skin healthy and strong.

If you find yourself craving more sweets post-hurricane, then it’s safe to say you’re stressed out. Time to real it in and get back to normal. Here are a few things that you can do to reduce your stress levels after the hurricane.

The most important thing you want to attempt to do is to get healthy. Stress can cause you to lose sleep, eat bad, and get lazy. After any hurricane is over, you want to start eating healthy, catch up on your rest, and begin exercising again.

Additionally, you’ll want to start introducing products into your routine that focus on repairing your skin. There are serums out there which can and will help you repair your skin cell back to normal. One final thing that I need not forget to mention…

When a hurricane hits, it is very common for your power to go out. When that happens, your house gets hot and the first thing you want to do is go outside. Please be sure to wear sunscreen if you’re spending any time outdoors after the hurricane. It’s also important that you focus on drinking lots of water. Afterall, if you’re not hydrated, then your skin will eventually pay for it.

How South Floridians Can Recover From Post Irma Skin Issues
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