How Pokémon Go Will Beat The Heck Out Of Your Skin


News flash, if you’re an app user of any degree, if you have even one single friend or if you use social media then you’ve heard about Pokémon Go. It’s doing something to users and they likely won’t even realize it until it’s too late.

pokemon go will destroy your skin

Sure. It’s huge right now and it’s generating a ton of money for the company.

You know what else it’s doing? It’s DESTROYING “careless” users skin. Of course, I’m taking a guess here but I’m pretty certain that it’s having an impact on many users skin. Especially those who don’t spend much time in the sun. I won’t leave you in the dark about it. Instead, here are some very valid reasons why Pokémon Go is literally making everyone look less attractive.

Suns out guns out, right? I think not. Millions of users are frantically running around cities and towns searching for those silly little cartoons in stores and gyms all over the place.

Sure, they are taking more steps than ever before and maybe they’ll shed a few pounds but guaranteed most let home without applying sunscreen. All that time in the sun will destroy your skin and you know it.

Throwing the Poké ball and hitting all those characters makes you an in-app badass! What they forgot to tell you was that it increases the amount of oil, dirt and nasty residue that resides on your pretty golden iPhone.

poke ball
Pokémon Go Screenshot (Virtual and Exact Location)

You know, that same phone that rests against your face while chatting it up with your closest friends, relatives or significant others. Bad move my friend. You’ve just transferred a ton of germs from your fingers to your phone, then finally to that once so perfect complexion.

Some people probably don’t care about anything that I have to say. They simply want to beat the game, get bad skin and move on with their lives once the fad is over. They’ll fix things at that point. I’m telling you not to wait that long! Take precaution and wear sunscreen when going out to play Pokémon Go. Be sure to clean your phone daily and use antibacterial gel before playing.

Be proactive and make sure to incorporate a solid skin care routine which includes both morning and night care. If your excuse is that you can’t afford product then you’re not off the hook. Make some of your own. There are plenty of DIY skin care tutorials out there. Not to mention, there are pretty awesome economical products that you can purchase if you don’t want to spend a ton of money. You’re going to need that cash to make in-app purchases while playing anyway. Do it before you start playing for the day.

Okay, I’m done being a downer. You can go on with your Pokémon playing antics. I’d probably do the same but I’ve got work to do. The phone is off the hook these days!

How Pokémon Go Will Beat The Heck Out Of Your Skin
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