How Often Should You Wash Your Face And What Are The Steps To Take?

We get this question all the time. Honestly, enough times for me to dedicate an entire page to it. Every individual that’s part of our team as a huge selection of products at their disposal. If people were to go through any one of our bathroom cabinets, they’d most likely be shocked to learn just how much stuff we each have. Of course, we don’t use all of these on a daily basis, but they’re there if necessary.

The female contributors of our site have far more product than the men and rightfully so I guess. Some women on our team choose to use face wipes to remove makeup and other things from their skin while others choose to just do a double cleanse instead. The question that I’m going to try and answer today is, “How often should you wash your face?”

I’m guessing that many of you find it difficult to switch up your routine and skin care habits. Trust me, I get all of that and you’re not the only one having that issue. Might I suggest that you wash your face twice, and no, not twice a day but twice in a row, I’ll explain how all of this works now…

How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

What Is A Double Cleanse?

A double cleanse is exactly what you think it is. It’s the process of washing your face twice in a row (with different objectives). The first objective would be to remove makeup and do so in the most executable fashion possible. I’m talking getting rid of ALL the makeup caked on your face all day long. Sure, it’s much easier said than done. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind here when doing this. Always remember that the objective is to get to a clean slate. You want all the products that you use to be able to work with a clean canvas.

What happens when you half-ass the cleansing portion of your routine, you’re not allowing the skin care products to work in a fashion that they should. Basically, this causes you to waste a bunch of expensive skin care product. Even products that cost thousands of dollars can’t help you if you’re skin is not properly cleansed.

The Actual Process

Here’s how you actually do the double cleanse. It requires that you do this in two steps. Don’t get wise here, I know that’s pretty obvious, just stay with me!

Step one is removing the makeup (like I mentioned). Well, it’s not just removing the makeup but also any type of product that might be stuck to your skin for a long period of time. Feel free to use a simple makeup remover, oil or balm to help you rid your body of the product. You don’t need to use the most expensive product on the market to accomplish this task. Find something that works for you and continue to use it each time. I also suggest that you use a clean wet washcloth to help remove it all. It’s much more abrasive than your hands.

Now for the second step. See, step two is what we consider to be the actual cleansing step. This is the step where you want to break out the fine china and start to use products that are a bit more expensive. You know, one that is super nutrient abundant and contains all those awesome ingredients that are great for your face.

Assuming that you do not have two types of cleansers, then you’ll want to use more product on the second step versus the first. In addition to that, make sure you spend some more time cleansing your face in this step as well. Massage your skin and treat yourself, you deserve it after a long day!

So, to answer the original question, “How Often Should You Wash Your Face?” I will leave you with this thought…

If you’re not washing your face at least twice per day, then you’re doing an injustice to your skin. Assuming that you are washing twice daily, then I hope one of those times (preferably nighttime) is you spending your time to double cleanse. If you are not doing this, then you’re only hurting yourself and your skin. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Now, if you still have doubts, then I want you to ask your personal doctor or derma what they think of this approach. Ask them if they have any problems with you taking extra good care of your skin. My guess is that they are not going to be mad or dissuade you from double cleansing. If anything, there’s a strong possibility that they will encourage your efforts in doing so. That said, time to pick up a high-quality cleanser and serum to kick things off!

Any questions?

How Often Should You Wash Your Face And What Are The Steps To Take?
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