How Often Should You Change Skin Products?


woman with skin products on faceSkincare products are like shoes: you buy them by chance most of the time, wear them out and buy something different the next time you go shopping. One of the biggest beauty myths is that you skin can get used to one product and over time it becomes ineffective… this is not true! We feel as though they stop working and don’t make a difference because we uses them all the time and don’t get the same effect we do after the first few uses.

However, although our skin doesn’t become unaffected by products we use constantly, it is still advises that you switch up your skincare products occasionally because at different times of the year our skin has different needs and texture. In summer high SPF moisturizers and shimmery lotions are recommended to keep skin protected and give you a nice shine. However, in winter because it gets cold and skin tends to be very dry and firm, thick moisturizers and body butters are recommended as they provide enough protection against the cold and soften skin.

Also if skin care products are left unused in the draw for over a year or so, it would be worth throwing them away. This is because they have most likely starting to separate and certain ingredients may stop working at their best level such as when you first buy them. Generally, any skin care products that you have had for over a year should be put in the bin and repurchased. If old skincare products are used after a year, they may cause irritation to skin, be discolor, change texture etc. An easy and quick way to tell when a skin care product needs to be changed is by looking at the color of it and smelling it. Old products also have a thick and drier feeling to them, this is another accurate indication the product needs changing.

To summarize, skin care product brands should be changed as often as you feel is necessary. Although your skin cannot become immune to skin care product, it definitely can get bored and unhappy with them. When it comes to the period of time that a skincare product should be changed within, they shouldn’t be kept and used for over a year for your skins sake and they should be inspected if you’ve had them for a while before you use them to prevent outdated products being put on your skin.

How Often Should You Change Skin Products?
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