How Not To Murder Your Skin With Exfoliators


Now that I’ve got your attention with that clickbait title, it’s time to get serious. Today I’m going to be covering a topic that’s near and dear to me. No, not as near as my wannabe unclaimed pet cat that lives in my yard (for some strange reason), but close enough. I’m talking about exfoliating and everything that goes along with the act of doing so. Yes, I exfoliate using various skin care products and I do so weekly.

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Tip: Don’t Murder Your Skin Via Exfoliating

There’s some real science behind this stuff, but I’m not going to get too complex here. Instead, let’s keep things simple and just start off with a simple fact: we all have skin on our face that needs tending daily. The most external layer of our skin is known as the epidermis and it’s the location where all those skin cells die and eventually fall off or continue to build up. The skin you’re looking at on someone’s face is actually the dead skin.

Gross, I know.

What’s also important is that you understand that old skin cells need to be removed in order to keep that complexion looking pretty. Removing the skin cells from your face does a few things. This helps make your skin look brighter and feel better. The magic behind it? Nothing but proper exfoliation.

If you’re looking to dive right in and make your skin look better, the one thing you’ll want to avoid doing is just that. Don’t dive right in. Instead, take a few minutes to understand the difference between various types of exfoliating methods.

Don’t worry, this won’t take long, there are only a couple of methods.

Exfoliating via chemical and via physical efforts, those are the only methods that I’m aware of as of now.

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Both of these methods do work well, but you’ve got to know what you’re doing or you’ll be murdering your skin via exfoliation, just like the post title states.

What’s The Difference?

The difference between chemical and physical is that chemical requires the use of exfoliators which are chemical-based. Don’t worry, they’re typically safe to use if used properly and not too frequently.

Should you choose to take the chemical route, then you’ll either be working with AHAs or BHAs for the most part. These both do just about the same exact thing. Physical exfoliation is the act of exfoliating your skin by means of physical scrubbing. I personally prefer the physical approach but to each their own.

Now, what you need to know is that it’s imperative that you purchase the right product for your exfoliating actions. That product needs to match your skin type, that’s the story there. If you have yet to determine the type of skin that you’re sporting, then you must do that first.

Okay, now for the fun stuff…

When it comes to doing the act, plan on making some time a couple nights a week, max. You’re not going to need to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. In fact, that’ll put you in the “murdering” category and you don’t wanna be that guy or girl. Just be consistent and I promise you’ll see improvements in your skin, all without making it look worse.

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How Not To Murder Your Skin With Exfoliators
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