How Jennifer Aniston Stays Young Looking


It’s been years since Friends was on the air and Jennifer Anniston is perhaps the youngest looking of them all today. She’s got flawless skin at the age of 49 and we’re here to share how she achieved all she has with regards to her skin. If you don’t think she’s got perfect skin and flawless beauty, then you’re the only one because People Magazine even named her World’s Most Beautiful Woman back in 2016.

What is it that she does to be able to obtain that title? If you want to find out, then perhaps you should give this a quick read.

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Jennifer Anniston’s Skin and Beauty Tips For Remaining Young Looking

Aside from absolutely crushing a bunch of water on a daily basis, she does a bunch of other things which keep her skin looking fantastic. But before I get into all those things, I want you to understand that water is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Jennifer obviously feels the same way given that she’s a spokeswoman for SmartWater.

Of course, diet and exercise play a pretty big role here too but there’s way more to it. There’s a lot that you don’t know so pay close attention and find out exactly what she does to keep her skin looking as though she’s still in her 30’s, not 40’s.

One thing that I can say Jennifer wholeheartedly agrees with being a contributing factor to her good-looking skin is good skin care and good genetics. She takes extremely good care of her skin. In a sense, she treats her skin like a very expensive car. You wouldn’t mistreat a Lamborghini, would you? Then, why treat your skin as if it’s nothing special.

Speaking of skin, did you know that Jennifer Anniston believes that healthy skin comes from within and the actions that you take on your body play a huge role in all of this. You only get one body and you must treat it as such. Be as mindful as possible at all times when it comes to fueling your body. Oh, and be sure that you get a good night’s sleep on a nightly basis. Water, eating, and sleep is more important than you know. Trust me on that.

Okay, I’m circling back once again to the water because it’s such an important factor these days. Jennifer Aniston loves water and swears by it so much that she drinks 100+ ounces of SmartWater every day. Our skin craves hydration and water supplies that.

On top of all that hydrating, Jennifer Aniston consumes a very healthy diet and it most definitely helps keep her skin looking fantastic. Her diet consists of fruits, vegetables, protein and no soda, alcohol or fried food.

Let me ask you a question. Are you afraid to try new skin treatments? If so, then you and Jennifer Aniston are not the same at all. In fact, she frequently tries new beauty products and ingredients just to see what happens when doing so. Jennifer actually spoke with Women’s Health Magazine some time back in 2014 and she mentioned that she tried royal jelly and loved it. This is just one of the many types of beauty products that Jennifer has tried and liked over the years. Yes, they help keep her skin looking amazing too.

You might find this interesting but opposed to the typical A-list celeb, Jennifer keeps her daily routine very simple and super inexpensive. She’s been doing the same routine for her skin for a long time. That routine typically consists of using Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar as well as Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. This is just a couple of the inexpensive products that she uses daily. There are some other products that she uses but all in all, like I said, she tends to keep things extremely simple.

When flying anywhere, Jennifer removes her makeup and even frequently sprays her skin with a bottle of Evian. Sometimes she’ll go as far as wearing a mask when traveling overseas to Europe.

Well, that’s the short version of what Jennifer Aniston does to keep her skin looking perfect. My advice would be to start adopting some of the same practices that she has.

How Jennifer Aniston Stays Young Looking
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