Houston’s Kerigan Pike Shares Her Cystic Acne Routine


There are two things that I’m extremely passionate about. One is good healthy aka living a healthy lifestyle and the other is good skin aka keeping your complexion as flawless as possible. With all the so-called experts living in the world today, it can be extremely difficult to know whose advice to take seriously. Want to know what separates great advice from the rest?

Sharing results!

Which is exactly what a Houston fitness blogger recently did. She went out of her way to share the transformation of her skin from being full of acne to looking flawless.

Just who am I talking about? None other than the 21-year-old Kerigan Pike. Like I said, she’s a Houston, TX fitness blogger that’s got more Instagram followers than most. Apparently, she wanted to share her journey to perfect looking skin and most likely because she wanted to make others understand that they are not alone. If you’re struggling with acne issues, then you’ve got something in common with Kerigan Pike.

Kerigan Pike Cystic Acne

There were two very specific skin care routines that helped clear Kerigan’s skin up. She’d been suffering from cystic acne for just about her entire adult and teenage life. For those unfamiliar with cystic acne, it’s a very painful form of acne that causes cysts and inflamed skin.

Kerigan actually started breaking out during her middle school years and was feeling ashamed of her skin. She broke out long before her school friends and continued to breakout after them as well.

She tried just about everything, seriously. You name it – she’s tried it. Accutane, antibiotics, topicals, strict dietary regimens and more. Her skin was literally hurting so bad that it was sensitive and painful to touch.

Sharing her journey socially helped her document every step and it’s helped encourage others to do the same. What you really want to know is what worked for Kerigan Pike. Here’s what actually helped her in the long run…

Houston Blogger Kerigan Pike’s Skin Care Routine

Kerigan took a very specific approach to fixing her skin. Every single morning, she kicks her day off by washing her hands, especially before touching her skin and most importantly, her face. She then moves on to washing her face simply with water and nothing more. Kerigan doesn’t incorporate the use of any cleansers in the morning as she wants to avoid drying out her skin.

After washing her face, she moves on to applying vitamin C directly to her skin. The vitamin C that she likes to use is not cheap. In fact, it’s really expensive at $119 and the product that she uses is Revision Vitamin-C Lotion. Apparently, this product helps reduce the presence of her scars and it helps heal her skin. Given the results, she’s fine with paying whatever price she has to in order to fix her skin.

If you’re unable to afford that specific vitamin C serum, then you’ve got plenty of other options. Check out this – click here.

Now, once Kerigan has applied the vitamin C serum to her face, she then applies what’s known as a full-spectrum sunscreen. The sunscreen that she chooses to use is Revision Skincare Intellishade Original. For those unfamiliar, it’s an anti aging moisturizing cream that contains sunscreen and it costs roughly $75.

The evening routine…

During the evening, her routine is a bit more intense and requires a little bit more effort. She kicks things off by washing her hands, making sure they’re 100% clean before touching her face. Kerigan then removes any makeup using a Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water which costs about $9. Once her face is makeup free, she then uses the Clarisonic Mia cleansing device which is $129. This is a very expensive device but lots of people swear by it, included Kerigan.

Next, she’ll use a $6 product made by Cetaphil known as the Gentle Skin Cleanser. Once her skin is clean and dry, she’ll then apply some Retin-A-Micro which she’s been prescribed by her dermatologist. If you’re having serious acne issues, then you’ll most definitely want to speak to a local dermatologist about trying this out.

Assuming that you’re the occasional pimple picker as we all are, then you’ll want to apply a $3 spot treatment patch. She apparently prefers to apply the MEDca Universal Acne Pimple Patch before bed. She applies this and it helps reduce the oil buildup that is often associated with pimple popping.

Kerigan also applies a sage oil before bed to fight off bacteria as she sleeps. As far as exfoliating is concerned, she does it, just not that frequently. For the most part, she uses the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel ever ten days.

Follow Kerigan Pike right here – @keriganpikefit on Instagram.

Houston’s Kerigan Pike Shares Her Cystic Acne Routine
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