Horse Tendon Is The Latest Collagen Booster


Some people will do just about anything to have perfect looking skin. What are your thoughts on using horse tendon to look good? We’ve discussed some pretty weird stuff here including using slime from snails, Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial treatment, egg cream masks and a whole lot more. We do all these things in an effort to obtain and maintain skin that’s blemish free without wrinkles.

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Horse Tendon Protein Better Than Botox?

I’ve recently discovered a new weird skin ingredient that many in the US are incorporating into their routine. The ingredient is actually an injectable that has been give the name, Nithya. This injectable is manufactured by a company called, Vida Aesthetics, Ltd. If you’re an animal lover, you might wish to steer clear of this. Why? Simply because it is an injectable cosmetic treatment that contains equine-sourced protein.

Nithya is actually the most recent and trending alternative to getting a Botox procedure in the United Kingdom. It’s an injectable ingredient that is made from horse tendons. Well, not directly, but it’s made from the proteins within the horse tendons. Some people are not going to be happy when they hear this, however, I want you to know that I just report the latest and greatest. I don’t condone the use of ingredients if it means harming animals.

A few things I learned about Nithya and what you need to know about it before you begin making personal judgements on this treatment. For starters, it’s actually said to be safer than the traditional botox treatment. It also lasts a lot longer than Botox. In fact, it lasts close to an entire year versus the traditional three month period. Lastly, this treatment actually attempts to create collagen versus freezing nerves in hopes of obtaining perfect looking skin.

I’ve still not answered the question, as to whether or not this treatment is better than Botox. To be honest, the jury is still out on this. It’s just not researched enough to make a decision.

While this horse tendon containing product is only currently available in the UK, it should come as no surprise that it’s soon to make its way to the United States. Oh, and for those that are seriously concerned about the fact that horse collagen is being used, I can confirm that there have been medical procedures in the past that involve the use of animal collagen. The only difference is that in this case scenario, that this is a cosmetic procedure. Does it sound distasteful? Absolutely. Is it the most far-fetched thing we’ll hear in the industry? Not a chance!

Horse Tendon Is The Latest Collagen Booster
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