Home Ingredients From The Refrigerator To Use On Your Skin


It’s quite common for people to turn to DIY remedies when nothing else is working for them. Most skin care fans have literally hundreds of products that they are using on their skin. Actually, strike that, for the most part, these people are not even using them. Instead, the products just sit in the cabinets for years until they expire. It’s a huge waste of time and money for most. Look, I’m not saying to stop buying products. It probably seems like I’m going headed in that direction but I promise I’m not. Instead, I want you to spend money on products that work and make them work for you!

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. Back to the topic at hand. Before you go opening your fridge and diving for new products to apply to your skin, read this update and find out what you should be looking for, to begin with!

Home Ingredients For Your Skin

Home Ingredients (Found In The Fridge) To Help Improve Your Skin Complexion

I’ll kick things off here with one of the most widely used products amongst natural and organic food lovers. Yes, I’m talking about coconut water! If you’re not drinking this, then you’re doing an injustice to your body. Coconut water has antimicrobial properties and it’s loaded with lauric acid. If you’re prone to breakouts then drinking coconut water might help reduce the acne from showing up. Honestly, the benefits are pretty much endless. You get plenty of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory benefits, and even UV protection. If you’d prefer to not drink it, then fine! Feel free to apply the coconut water as a toner to your face instead.

Next on the list is good old pomegranate juice. I know, not something that everyone has hidden in their fridge but it’s good enough to mention here. The pomegranate has some incredible anti aging benefits with the seeds being filled with antioxidants. It can help heal your scars, protect against UV damage, prevent pimple breakouts, and make your skin glow overall. You have the option of using POM Juice or squeezing your own here. Create your own detox mask by incorporating some clay powder into the juice and your skin will look superb!

This next ingredient is one that I’ve been preaching about for years. I’m a huge fan of coffee and we all know how good it is for your skin. There’s a reason why companies are now making coffee scrubs that sell like crazy! However, I’m not here to talk about the scrubs. Instead, I am here to talk about cold brew coffee and what it can do for your skin. If you’re the type that fights under eye issues, then you’re in luck. Dabbing a small amount of cold brew coffee to your under eye region should help de-puff those eyes of yours. Pro tip: make cold brew ice cubes and apply those to your skin!

Let me ask you a question, are you a fan of guacamole? If so, then you’re in luck but I don’t want you making more dip. Instead, I want you to use this on your skin as well as your hair. It will definitely help soften your skin. There are plenty of homemade avocado mask recipes on the Internet and even some on our site. Do a search and you’ll find one or two I’m sure.

Some other ingredients that I wanted to mention are lemons, eggs, yogurt, and even carbonated water! All of those items can be found in your fridge and they’re known for being great for your skin. Just be sure to do your research before applying them.

Home Ingredients From The Refrigerator To Use On Your Skin
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