Hipster Beards Responsible For The Male Skin Care Industry Slump?


Okay, all the hipster guys that I know are going to hate me for calling them out here. Actually, they may like me for acknowledging their efforts in the non-shaving movement. Nevertheless, I’ve got to break the news to you folks because that’s what I do. That said, I’m here to say that hipster beards might just be responsible for the sales slump across all men’s skin care and grooming products.

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Hipster Beards Control Male Consumer Interested?

According to an article published in The Sun, a recent comment was made by market analyst Charlotte Libby stating that A-lister celebs and their beards may be part of the reason that sales of men skin care products have started to plummet.

Charlotte Libby had mentioned that in 2013 the market was “buoyant” with men adopting grooming routines that were more elaborate than they had been in the past.

Since then, the market has begun to slow down and this could all be directly impacted by the popularity of taking a simplistic approach towards skin care as well as the increase in fashionable beards.

The good news is that the skin care companies that produce products for men are responding with a vengeance. They aren’t slowing down overall production for male products. Instead, they are shifting gears and are creating products that are more versatile in terms of use. For example, companies are creating products that can be used by bearded men and those that have various lengths of facial hair.

Could the decline be a mere result of the fact that some men don’t find it very masculine to wear or use skin care products for men?


However, I want you to shift your frame of mind because products make you look better. Caring about your body, skin and health is masculine. Letting it go isn’t cool. There are products out there that are made strictly for men that want to give their skin a good workout without losing their masculinity. Brands like MenScience pride themselves in creating regimens and products just for men. They do a great job at it too. There are plenty of other skin care brands for men out there that do the same.

Keep the beard but get on a good skin care regimen with the right products. You’re not going to be less masculine for doing so. You will just look younger and better in the long run.

Hipster Beards Responsible For The Male Skin Care Industry Slump?
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