Hillary Duff Spends Thousands On Skin Care Products!


We all know who Hillary Duff is right? She’s the former Disney actress, singer, and teen superstar. Now Hillary’s playing the real-life role as a super mom and is looking beyond fabulous these days! While many people think it’s a given that all celebs should look flawless, it’s not something that comes without putting in a lot of work and spending lots of money. Just ask Hillary Duff…

The Hollywood star spends a lot of money to keep her skin in tip-top shape and she puts the work in when it comes to getting in workouts as well. Of course, that comes pretty easy when there’s a SoulCycle spinning gym in your building.

Interested in what Hillary Duff had to say about her beauty routine, exercise secrets, and product usage? Great, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Hillary Duff Reveals Her Expensive Skin Care Habit During An Interview

The amazing Hillary recently spoke with someone from the New York Times and she spilled the beans about almost everything health and wellness that you can imagine. She has a knack for picking out skin products that work and she’s got a routine that’s pretty much flawless. I must warn you, her routine is hardcore but epic as can be.

If you want to look younger, then why not take advice from a girl that plays a younger role on TV for a living right? Let’s get started!

The first thing that Hillary Duff mentioned during the interview was that she works with Harold Lancer. According to the article, she’s been working with Dr. Lancer for about six years now and I’ve got to think that this has a lot to do with her level of success. As you likely know, Dr. Lancer also treats celebs such as Kim Kardashian and others. His level of success is unimaginable for most. As for products that Harold Lancer manufactures, she’s always using the exfoliator known as the Polish and she frequently uses the lash serum as well. The Method: Polish by Harold Lancer typically runs about $75.

As far as serums are concerned, it seems like Hillary has a favorite one that she turns to and that’s the Super “H” Serum by 3Lab. This serum is super pricey but if Hillary Duff likes it, then we have zero objections! You’ll need to be willing to spend $350 if you want to get your hands on this anti aging serum.

This next product seems to be used by many celebrities as it’s a luxury line that truly works well. I’m sure you’ve heard of the La Mer Cream. Hillary Duff likes to apply a “thick layer” on her face and apparently isn’t afraid to spend $310 on a jar of this moisturizing cream.

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Next up is the eye cream that Hillary Duff uses. She’s currently using one made by Tata Harper called, Restorative Eye Cream. This specific product is made with various organic essential oils as well as other products that help liven up the skin around your eyes. I can confidently say that this brand is definitely reputable and a top natural skin care company. Sure, it’ll cost you a cool $95 but it’s well worth it, just ask Hillary.

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Even her sunscreen isn’t cheap! According to the interview, Hillary Duff is now using “a Glossier gel kind of sunscreen,” that doesn’t leave any white residue or greasy feeling behind after applying the product. The specific product is called the Invisible Shield SPF 35 and it’s available for purchase online for $35.

Hillary Duff also likes using the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask. This is a high-end anti aging mask that helps better hydrate your skin as well as firm things up. The best part, it contains 24K gold! I mean, what’s not to love about that! Be ready to dish out $80 for this mask.

Okay, so this next product was actually something new to me even. Apparently, Hillary uses resurfacing pads in order to fight off fine lines, skin texture issues, and hyperpigmentation. Her product of choice is the M-61 PowerGlow Peel and it costs $28. You can easily pick this up at the official M-61 site here.

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Have you ever heard of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream? No, it’s not a cream you apply to your bottom. It’s a lip balm that apparently smells like one of the greatest places on earth, Hawaii. This is by far the most expensive lip balm I’ve ever seen as it sells for $45 at Sephora. Feel free to check out the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream today if you’ve got the funds to do so.

Another mask that Hillary uses is one by GlamGlow called SuperMud. She does them all the time and is literally one of many that do so. It seems like the mask use is trending like never before and celebs are using them more and more today. This mask runs about $69 and costs less than others but it’s still not cheap.

Well, I haven’t covered every product that Hillary Duff incorporates into her beauty regimen but I’ve covered enough to disrupt your bank account for sure. My suggestion would be to pick an choose which you’d like to incorporate into your routine and give a few of them a shot. At the very least, start cycling and working out if you do not wish to spend a lot on tangible products.

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Should you come across another celeb using various products, please let us know! We love investigating things!

Hillary Duff Spends Thousands On Skin Care Products!
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