High School Student Zandra Cunningham Runs Nationally Recognized Skin Care Business


I absolutely love hearing stories like the one I’m about to share with you today. Can you believe that a high school student knows more about the skin care industry than most adults do? Well, Zandra Cunningham is a teenager from Buffalo, NY and she’s likely more knowledgeable about the industry than you are. That’s because she’s been in business for the last seven years.

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High School Teen Zandra Cunningham Runs National Skin Can Line “Zandra Beauty”

When Zandra was young, she would constantly ask her dad to buy lip balm for her. One day, he decided that he had enough spending money on lip balm and she retaliated. Instead of throwing a temper tantrum like lots of kids would do, she decided to create her own lip balm.

It all started with Zandra making lip balm in the comfort of her parent’s kitchen and then giving it away to parishioners at her local church.

Not long after that, she was selling the homemade products at local farmers markets. It’s crazy to think that this young entrepreneur went from making lip balm at home to selling more than 30 skin products.

The brand that she runs is called Zandra Beauty and she’s got a really unique logo which is her name and a pair of glasses. She’s all about the all-natural approach and I’ve got to say that I’m thrilled to have learned about her success.

Some of the other types of skin products that Zandra manufacturers and has for sale are, body wash, scrubs, big balms, deodorants, hair and body souffle and much more. She also holds DIY parties where she teaches others how to make their own products.

Here at Skincare.net, we love to see young entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed, just like Zandra. If you’re interested in learning more about Zandra and her products, feel free to visit her official company website. Congrats Zandra and keep up the fantastic work! Best of luck and lots of success in 2017!

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High School Student Zandra Cunningham Runs Nationally Recognized Skin Care Business
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