Hey Guys, Moisturizing Slows Down The Aging Process


Like I do every so often, I’ve decided to share something for the guys out there that need some help with their skin. Chances are you cringe when you hear the words moisturize and routine. The combination of the two sound nothing more than a huge burden and waste of time. Instead, you say to yourself, “forget all that” and you simply apply that ridiculously pungent aftershave to your face and you’re on your way.

moisturizing helps slow down aging

Guys, Here’s How To Moisturize (The Right Way)

Chances are that you’re doing it all wrong. I’m going to tell you what to do instead of relying on that awful smelling aftershave.

Sun Isn’t Your Friend

wear sunscreen

Let me start by saying that you need to use sunblock. I personally don’t care what you do, but for your own health’s sake, apply it daily. In terms of looking younger and slowing down the aging process, this on takes the cake! It’s the best protection for your skin that money can buy. From a value perspective, the price is just so damn right. Best to apply an SPF 30 to your skin daily. You can find one that’s not going to make your skin feel greasy too. There are plenty of options out there for you.

Is it an overnight fix? Not a chance, but over time you will see an improvement, trust me on that. Simply apply it to your face after shaving and you’ll be good to go.

Know Your Type

What Type of skin are you

Nope, I’m not talking about the type of person you want to attract. I’m talking about knowing what type of skin you have. Once you commit to doing something about your skin and using products daily, you then need to find the right products to best suit your needs.

For example, in terms of moisturizing, you’ll want to choose between either a lotion, ointment, or gel. Figure out what works best on your skin and take it from there.

Wash Then Apply

The first thing you’ll want to do is wash your face before applying any moisturizer to it. Be sure to dry it thoroughly as well before applying it. Believe it or not, it does make a big difference. Shedding skin calls through the use of a facial brush can help a lot too.

We’ve mentioned how helpful the Clarisonic brushes are in the past. They are great for exfoliating. Give one a shot if you’d like!

Keep Is Stupid Simple

The last thing I want to leave you with is to remember to keep this whole process simple. Don’t go committing and then making your routine a complex mess. It can really get tiring fast if you take that approach. Make sure you can handle the tasks that you’ve held yourself accountable for handling daily. As time progresses, you can add in some more complex treatments, but until then remain simple or you’ll be sorry. That’s about all the help me can give you. You’ve got to do it yourself if you want to see results.

moisturize tips

Oh, I forgot to mention how important it is to moisturize your hands. Failing to take care of those will result in having old looking paws. You don’t want that now do you? Heck no!

Hey Guys, Moisturizing Slows Down The Aging Process
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