Here’s Why Honey Is A Trending Skin Care Movement


Many people living in the world today are all about incorporating simple sugar into their skin care routine. You’re probably thinking, “But wait, that can’t be good for me, right?” WRONG! it’s definitely good for you and in fact, it’s so good that people are flocking to it like never before. I’m not just talking about any sugar, I’m referring to the one and only – manuka honey.

Chances are you’ve heard some of our editors praise this until the cows come home. That’s because it’s quite the ingredient and it leads to better skin almost all the time. The healing properties that this sweet ingredient has when it comes to acne it pretty stellar. It’s a favorite amongst those who love home remedies and holistic living.

But why?

Well, don’t you worry because I’m here today to cover all that and then some. You see, instead of using some of the cleansers and treatments that you pick off the shelves at Sephora, you might want to consider using Manuka honey instead. I’ll be sharing honey-based options for you to purchase as well, but I need to first cover why you want this ingredient in your life.

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Why Manuka Honey Is Perfect For Your Skin

The trend all started within the Korean Beauty market aka K-Beauty and it never slowed down. The reason they adopted this ingredient was due to its ability to play the healthy superfood ingredient better than any other. It has natural, antibacterial properties which can actually help you resist and fight off breakouts. The ingredient is also soothing and hydrating for your skin.

You don’t believe me? Start washing your face with honey and see what happens. No, I’m not joking here! In fact, there’s a honey infused mask that seems to have made its way to the top in terms of face mask best sellers. The name of that mask is the Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask.

Okay, so as far as other products go that can be purchased, I’m going to suggest that you check out the Farmacy brand. This brand became huge and essentially went viral thanks to Sephora. They recently released a honey collection of products which are literally flying off the shelves. The owner of the brand makes his own honey-based skin care products on his farms. They offer moisturizers, cleansers, salves, lip balms, and of course, a mask treatment. This is a must-see for any Sephora x manuka honey fiends.

Next on the list is a company called Marin Bee. This is a skin care company that was started by a husband and wife. They were literally beekeepers that eventually decided to create and launch their own skin care brand. Yes, all of the products are infused with wildflower and honey.

If you’re not ready to purchase any manuka honey skin products, then I suggest you just start off by purchasing some manuka honey and doing a few simple DIY projects at home for the starters.

Have any further questions, please let us know!

Not interested in honey but you’re a fan of natural ingredients? Great, then my suggestion would be to take a look at this page here. We’ve covered quite a few ingredients and products that you can consider.

Just remember, it’s ultimately your choice as to whether or not you want to take action. One thing I can say for certain is the no action means not change for the better. Keep that in mind when debating whether or not to work a new ingredient into your skin care routine.

Here’s Why Honey Is A Trending Skin Care Movement
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