Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated With Frozen Strawberries


I know this isn’t really about skin care but it is an important public service announcement about avoiding something that will negatively affect your skin nevertheless. There is a Hepatitis A outbreak currently in Virginia but there are also victims in Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon and Wisconsin. All of these cases are associated with frozen strawberries that come from Egypt.

Officials in Virginia have been contacted about this potential link between Hepatitis A cases and these Egyptian frozen strawberries as far back as the beginning of August. However they didn’t actually alert the public to the problem for several weeks. But they did inform the Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain that was using these frozen strawberries right away.

Hepatitis A Outbreak
Egyptian strawberries are to blame for a Hepatitis A outbreak in the US

Strawberries From Egypt Cause Hepatitis A Outbreak

Although they knew for sure where these frozen strawberries were being distributed, the actual risk associated with this restaurant chain was deemed to be limited just to Virginia. They did not know if it extended further at all. The health department choose to wait for more information in order to feel 100% confident that the source of the Hepatitis A was indeed strawberries and not another fruit. Smoothies contain many ingredients. Candice Swanepoel has a smoothie secret. So it really is important to have a very high level of confidence in the accuracy of the alert message. This way the risk can properly be assessed when issuing such a statewide notice.

Hepatitis A outbreaks are very difficult to investigate because of the long incubation period that the virus naturally has. This ranges from two weeks to an entire two months. What this can do is cause early inflammation of the liver and the symptoms include typically many undesirable things. These include jaundice, dark urine, light colored stools and nausea. Fatigue, loss of appetite and vomiting are other potential symptoms caused by Hepatitis A outbreak.

The Hepatitis A virus can be transmitted many ways. This includes direct contact with another person that may have it. Or by consuming food and beverages that are contaminated with it. It is the seventh leading cause of death worldwide and it kills as many people as HIV and tuberculosis combined. So consider that when reaching for your next smoothie if you know where all the fruits come from.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated With Frozen Strawberries
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