Vitamin A And It’s Impact On Your Health

vitamin aYour body is faced with many attacks on a 24/7 basis and it is always working to eliminate threats that range from slightly to extremely harmful. In order to help your immune system stay robust, you have to include foods that help to keep it bolstered. Vitamin A is one of these ingredients. It is usually taken along with fat as its absorption rate is higher when taken alongside fat. Vitamin A is soluble in fat and it will be kept stored within the body’s fat. In addition to strengthening your defenses, Vitamin A is a very crucial requirement for your eyes. The color of the eyes is a contribution of Vitamin A. When the surface of the eye has the right amount of Vitamin A, it keeps bacteria and viruses at bay.

Another important positive aspect of Vitamin A is that it helps to keep the body insulated from sunburn. Looking at other beneficial aspects of Vitamin A, the skin is kept healthy when Vitamin A is available in the right amounts within your body.

Anti-oxidants are materials which counter the action of harmful substances called free radicals. In addition to causing diseases, free radicals also are agents of aging. Beta-carotene contains Vitamin A and it is found in colorful vegetables. The color of the vegetables is dark green, yellow and orange. If these colors are very bright, it indicates a high level of Beta-Carotene. Fruits such as mango and papaya also come under this category of bright-colored stuff. Sweet potato is one of the foods which abound with Vitamin A.

In addition to these vegetative sources, you can also get readily available Vitamin A from the consumption of Beef and Chicken Liver. Beef Liver can provide more than the required daily content while chicken liver can meet about half of the recommended daily intake. However, one cup of carrot juice beats all of the other alternatives with a very high proportion of the required intake. Following it are pumpkin, sweet potatoes and cooked carrot.

High quantities of beef liver and chicken liver can cause a toxic situation with Vitamin A that can be risky. However, this risk is not present when eating the vegetative sources. Moving on to other beneficial aspects of Vitamin A, it helps in the growth of bones.

Looking at the risks of toxicity, it has been shown that smokers can be exposed to a higher risk of lung cancer if they take a high dose of Vitamin A. It is safer to take Vitamin A as part of a comprehensive vitamin intake so that these risks are avoided. Pregnant mothers have to be careful about the excessive intake of Vitamin A in the form of liver dishes as it can cause birth defects.

A condition that Vitamin A can help cure is iron-deficiency Anemia. It has been seen that Vitamin A in conjunction with Iron reduces Anemia rather than with iron alone. With evidence of prevention of a wide range of cancers, Vitamin A is one of the most important aspects of your dietary selection.

Vitamin A And It’s Impact On Your Health
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