Shredz Fat Burner

Typically we focus on skin care products to enhance your looks. Well, instead of focusing on your skin, today we’ll be focusing on a particularly popular weight loss product or fat burner called Shredz.

It’s pretty well known that diet plays an integral part of being physically lean with the least amount of body fat as possible. Some people need that extra boost or edge, so they take fat burners, appetite suppressors, and diet pills to help get in better shape.

Shredz is a supplement brand that does nothing but focus on helping you lose weight and gain lean muscle. The company has a strong slogan that they take rather serious. According to the company website, they believe in and strive to:

…contribute to the global fitness community by creating a movement based on positivity, progress, and pushing yourself to the limit.

The man behind this company is named Arvin Lal. He’s a bodybuilder and entrepreneur that decided to create the product and company one day. He first got started in his house. The company quickly grew through the use of powerful social media marketing and hard work. The supplement company is now one of the most powerful and well-known in the industry today.

If you’ve never heard of Shredz, all you need to do is take a moment to do some research on the company. You’ll find articles all over the Internet about the brand. Sites like CNN, Business Insider, and even Forbes have written articles on Arvin Lal. The products are currently sold online as well as other retail giants such as GNC.

I decided to do some research on the famous Shredz Fat Burner to give you an idea of what the product consists of and how good it actually is. Let me share some product information with you.

shredz fat burner reviewShredz Fat Burner Review

This diet supplement was formulated and created by the company Beyond Genetics Supplements. The fat burner is made up of what’s known as a proprietary blend of ingredients. The product claims to do a number of things to your body, one of which is producing a thermogenic type effect. This type of effect is said to help promote fat loss in rather stubborn areas. These are the areas that typically take the longest to rid your body of fat. Many people refer to these as problem areas. Areas such as “love handles” and “stomach fat” are what this product claims to be able to get rid of. The Shredz Fat Burning products are supposed to be very strong and effective at helping those that want to put themselves in the leanest state possible.

I’m not going to make any serious conclusions until I dig a bit deeper into this product. Can this product really help you eliminate those terrible love handles and muffin tops that people hate to see in the mirror? Or is this just another scam diet pill that contains nothing but fillers and broken promises? You’ll have to keep reading to find out whether or not the product stands up to the claims made.

How It Works

What I typically suggest is that someone interested in purchasing a diet pill actually visit the company website before they purchase anything. At first glance, when you land on the homepage, you’ll notice that the products are conveniently bundled based on what your overall fitness goals are that you’d like to accomplish.

I like this because they make it easy for you to understand the types of products that you need to take if you want to lose weight or cut fat quickly. The same goes for those that might be interested in gaining muscle and building up strength.

They offer a 30-Day quick weight loss package that likely is the most attractive offer for people interested in burning fat. According to the product bundle description, it claims to be able to help boost energy levels, weight loss, improve exercise performance and more. The bundle for men comes with BCAA+ Glutamine, Burner Max, Creatine, and Test Max.

The bundle for women comes with Detox, Toner, Burner Max and BCAA+ Glutamine. The stacks seem like they accomplish the same thing but they’ve been formulated based on gender specific needs. It’s easy to notice which products are for women and which are for men given the product packaging.

As far as getting into how the products truly work, the problem that I have with this company is that they don’t provide much insight into how things work. Sure, it’s science backed with hard work and healthy diet but I want to know more. The fact that they don’t list out any of the ingredients on the site is a bit concerning to me. When it comes to proprietary blends, especially in health and wellness, I like to know what I’m taking. They create their own formulas and they keep the recipes close to them. I guess that makes perfect sense given the good will involved.

Although it may not show how the Shredz Fat Burner works, at least they show people that back the company. What I’m referring to is the Shredz Army. If you search Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you will find thousands of athletes and consumers posting about how great the products are and how they changed their life. It goes without saying that not all of them can be fake or false. So, if people are claiming that then they must be legit. The cool thing about the people posting, they typically list out the exact supplements that they used to reach their goals.

More Product Information

I wish I could provide more product information for you. The only thing that I can do is give you a list of the ingredients.

The Men’s Prorietary Blend Consists of 974mg: Caffeine Anhydrous, Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) (Bean) Extracted for Theobromine, Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annum) (fruit), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) (Leaf) >98% Polyphenols, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carntine, Yohimbe Extract (Pausinystalia) (Bark), Guggul Lipid Extract (Commiphora mukul) (Gum), Dendronium (Dendronium nobile) (stem), Higenamine HCl, Synephrine HCl

The Women’s 602mg Proprietary Blend can be seen below in the Shredz Burner label.

shredz burner for women

Consumption Instructions

The product is supposed to be taken twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Here’s a video that the company published on their site not to long ago. It explains a few more things about their company and products.

Other Notes

This can be purchased on,, and If you wish to return the product it must not be opened. Any package that has been opened if non-refundable.

Shredz Fat Burner
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