More Foods That Promote Healthy Skin

Foods good for your skin We did an article on things to eat for healthy skin earlier, but we know there are far too many foods and it is not wise to include them all in one article, so here is Part II.

Carrots are one of the best foods that help to keep the skin healthy. They keep the production of skin cells under regulation so that there is no accumulation of dead cells at the surface.

After carrots, the most important item in your skin-health diet must be sea food. Especially for those with an acne problem! The more regularly you eat fish like salmon the more your skin stays healthy. Anti-oxidants are what you need in your diet and blueberries are an ample source. Blueberries keep your skin in the best of health when it comes to warding off the effects of UV radiation.

Milk which is not skimmed is a source of a lot of minerals as well as Vitamins A and D. As Vitamin A is essential to maintain eyes, skin and bones at a healthy state, Milk caters to a wide range of requirements with its Vitamin A content.

Sweet potatoes can make a very healthy contribution of Vitamin A. If it is cooked with a fatty oil such as Olive oil, the Vitamin A contained in it can be absorbed much better. This is because Vitamin A is a fat-soluble Vitamin. Another source of Vitamin A is Spinach. It helps to heal sunburn. Whole Wheat Bread contains a mineral called Selenium which is also useful when trying to cure sunburn as well as to prevent it from occurring. Corn is a food with a protein that protects your skin from damage caused by the sun.

Broccoli is a food with two vitamins, C and E, with C keeping your skin in good health while E safeguards skin from damage caused by the sun. Protection from the sun is also provided by Tomatoes as they contain an antioxidant. Vitamin E is available in Almonds which also have another important benefit. When you eat almonds, you tend to reduce intake of other foods as you do not get hungry. This helps to keep your weight under control. A similar benefit is gained from the consumption of oats as they take a lot of time to get cleared out of the system. This helps in keeping hunger away and the resultant snack and drink which you might be tempted to have in between meals.

Drinking the right quantities of water and getting the right amounts of sleep are the main aspects of your daily routines that can create a very healthy skin. Keeping your skin safe from the harmful effects of sunlight is also essential so that your skin does not get impacted into the long term.

You should try to ensure a balanced diet so that you do not get too focused on getting vitamins. As all the components of food play a role in your health, you should bring balance into your diet while focusing on foods that help to overcome particular conditions. With a bit of exercise on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your skin in great condition across the different seasons.

More Foods That Promote Healthy Skin
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